Making our garage a pool house as well is actually a brilliant idea. While it mostly enables us not to do total renovation, it also makes sure we are being effective on the use of space. While brainstorming on the concept, you may get some benefits from the following points.

What Actually Defines the Combo

A garage pool house combo needs two important elements that you can’t leave out. The elements are:

1. Full Garage Function

A combo means the space can serve double function. On the front part, you have the complete garage door and you can park your vehicles, from car to bike, inside the garage. While common garage stops there, this one has more. To be able to do so, the garage space in a combo commonly takes only a half or two-third of the space.

2. Access for Pool Deck

The rest of the space is then used as what we call a pool house. We may store all the stuffs we need to enjoy the pool here, changing areas, and maybe a bathroom. To make it even more convenient, this garage building has another access. This other access faces directly to the pool, allowing us to bring out pool stuffs in a more convenient way. Most often, the outside of this access is also used as a pool deck where we can relax and sun bath.

So making the combo also means that we provide two accesses, for the garage and the pool, while we also use the garage building for double purposes without leaving any one of it.


When the Combo Plan Actually Works for You

Making this garage pool house combo isn’t possible for every house. Of course, there are several factors that make it doable. While those factors are pretty clear, let’s list it out here.

1. No More Space for an Independent Pool House

Most home owners decide to make this combo based on this factor. They don’t have enough free space to make a pool house independently. However, their garage building is pretty spacious that they can fit in a small pool house in the same place.

2. Garage and Pool are Close Enough

Depending on the layout of the house construction, most people make this combo also because both are next to each other. Considering this situation, making a pool house in the garage will be only logical and it will be the most convenient.

3. More Privacy Concerns

This is also an important factor. A pool house is more than just storage. More often, it also needs to deliver enough privacy from those eyes outside, so it will be safe enough for your family and probably your guests. In this case, the house layout may suggest this combo strongly. Possibly it has more privacy when you build the pool house in the garage rather than on other locations.

4. You Have Enough Space for a Pool House in the Garage

The size of a pool house can be various. From a small shed that store the water toys, floats, and chemicals to one with guesthouse, a pool house has important part to offer.

First, you need a storage for the winter. Depending on the stuffs you have, the size should be adjusted to your need. Second, you also need specific place to store your tools and chemicals. Third, if you want to, you should have a changing area. Extended guest house is totally optional.

The Benefits of Garage Pool House Combo

Knowing all the possibilities and what you need for this combo, it is only fair to know the entire benefits as well. If you plan to have this combo, you will get the following benefits.

1. Space Effectiveness

Instead of taking other land you have for the pool house, a combo will be better especially when you have enough room for it in the garage. It gives the pool area a clean and bright layout, allowing you to have more bushes or backyard fun.

2. Budget Wise

Building an independent pool house requires a professional work. From the plan to the construction, it will take a lot of money and time. If you want to save some more money on this project, modifying a garage will be a lot more affordable.

3. Convenience

If your layout allows it, it will be far more convenience when it comes to pool fun. Grabbing all the toys and floats will be an instant, while maintenance and care will be fast. And let’s not forget how fast it is to change.

Steal These Garage Pool House Combo Ideas

You may already have the plan in your head but the following ideas are great as well. Check out the combos and see if any of it will work for you and your plan.

1. Two Faces Garage

This large garage has two faces, one on the front for the garage so the owner can park the vehicles, and one on the side facing the pool. At first, it doesn’t look like a combo because the side access is completed with patio to relax as well as French doors that don’t like a garage at all.


2. On the Back of the Garage

This pool house is a minimal one. The detached garage has a front access for the vehicle. On the back, it features modest door and windows to access the pool house. The small patio is completed with outdoor furniture, facing the small blue swimming pool.



3. A Complete Summer Fun

The garage building alone is large enough, so the owner of the house decided to modify more. Instead of only a space to store your pool stuffs, it also houses a lounge with tv, a bar, and a patio facing the pool.


4. Two Car Garage and a Pool House

The two car garage looks like an ordinary garage, but it’s not. There will be a side access that leads you to a large and full patio of the detached building. The patio features outdoor furniture for lazy summer and afternoon. The patio is facing the pool that offers a lot of outdoor fun.


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