Getting a land just enough for everything in the city is tricky these days. You’d either get the bare minimum or the right amount at a much higher price. So, what if we need a garage as well? Well, if the space left in your yard is rather small, you are in luck because we will tell you how to make a small garage that fulfills all your needs below!


Have Free Space In Your Yard? Build Your Own!

If you do have some free, unoccupied space, then it’s better to build the garage there. There are two options:

1. Build a Separated Garage from the House

If the free space is a piece of land without anything else occupying it, then it’s faster to build the garage separated from the house altogether. If you have time and money, you can build it with bricks and cement, just like a regular house.

If you like it rustic, making a wooden shack is not a bad idea either. However, that also means that you will deal with some noise and dirt getting in and around your house for a while.

If you hate the idea, then using a used shipping container is not a bad choice. After all, shipping containers are made solid to endure harsh weather. If you do want to use a container, buy one that will fit the space available.

It’s also possible to resize the container, but not all seller offers this service and it will add an additional price. After getting the container transported to your home, all you need to do is to repaint and furnish it to your liking. This is why using a shipping container yields a faster and cleaner process compared to building the garage from scratch.


2. Renovate An Unoccupied Room for a Garage

Well, what if what you have is an empty room in the house? You can also turn it into a garage. The most ideal room for this task should be the closest room to an open way accessible by your vehicle. Usually, this room would be beside your front entrance.

However, any side that has an accessible open path is the key. If the room happens to be occupied but you have other free space, consider rearranging your house layout to make sure that the room is unoccupied.

Next, open the wall of the room to the outside. This open wall will be the entrance to your garage, so make sure the size is big enough to drive into. Then, install a door on the entrance.

To make sure that space is effective, it’s best to use folding or rolling doors. Since they will pack themselves to a side when opened, it practically took no space when both opened and closed. Lastly, decorate the garage to your own liking.

But what if you don’t have any space at all? Well, if you haven’t built the house yet, consider making an underground garage. That way, you can have both garage and living space without sacrificing one or the other. If that’s impossible, then renting a separate space somewhere would be a better idea.


Already Used Up The Land-Space For Your Home? Try Carport

Some homes may have space, but using the space for a garage may cause a problem. For example, a compact house in a compact land will have entrance troubles if you try to sacrifice a room or built a separate garage altogether. If you have this type of house, what can you do? The answer lies to a carport.

Yes, a carport isn’t exactly a garage, but it will do the same job while taking less space and effort. Since you don’t need to build anything (except redoing the flooring, maybe), making a carport is faster and less messy compared to building a garage. If you need something to protect your vehicle from the weather, then consider adding awning or pergola on the space. If it’s too pricey, then it’s possible to use a vehicle cover instead.

If you are making a carport, then it’s OK to place it in front of the entrance of your house. As long there is still enough space to walk to, then it should be sufficient. For security means, install a lockable gate in front of the carport. Now, your vehicle has the space to stay safe.

However, how do we do maintenance? Depending on the scale of your maintenance, the space should be enough. But if where you put the maintenance tool is your concern, then the problem lies in storage. If all you have is a small kit, then storing it in the vehicle should be good enough.

However, if you have more tools to keep, dedicate a corner to store them. If possible, use storing boxes or racks to make them more organized.


How to Make Your Small Garage Bigger Than It Actually Is

The lesser the clutter, the bigger the space available. So, to make your small garage as roomy as possible, find a way to eliminate clutters. First of all, make sure the things stored in your garage have what you need – your vehicle and items related to maintenance. If you have power tools, then we can consider storing them in the garage.

But other items are better off stored somewhere or thrown altogether, especially if you don’t use them anymore. Then, place what you need to store as neatly as possible. The most space-effective way is to hang them on the wall. If the item is not hang-able, install racks or storage box for them. Without clutter on the floor, your garage now should look bigger than it actually is.

Small space? No problem! If you have enough space to pun your vehicle in, then you can definitely make a garage out of it. If you ride a bicycle or motorcycle, the space needed is actually much smaller than you think. As for storage, the best way is to put your utensils up on the wall and ceiling to make sure there’s minimum clutter, making the garage roomy than it actually is.


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