It’s safe to say that a proper house nowadays requires a garage. When it’s managed properly, garage can be a magic room where you can store your stuff at. The problem is managing a garage won’t be as simple as you imagine. There are always conditions when you feel like you need two or even three garages. You don’t need to experience those conditions if you manage your garage properly. Here are some solutions to your garage problems.


1. Excess Garage Clutter

Homeowners must agree that excess clutter rightly sit on the top of garage problems list. Many of you tend to think it happens because you don’t have enough space to store your stuff. In fact, that’s not a hundred percent the cause. While a small-sized garage is another issue, in some cases this problem occurs because you don’t use your storage space to its best ability.



When you own a garage with large room but still manage to get this problem, there’s no other solution than a smart garage organization. No matter how many stuff you want to store in your garage, as long as they are in reasonable sizes, you can always store them properly. There three ways you can try to get your storage in order as well as freeing up its floor space:

1. Garage Cabinetry

First, you can install a garage cabinetry. This installation will help you to manage your small tools and belongings. It’s often that you find your small tools and stuff anywhere in your garage since you have no idea where to put them. Installing a garage cabinetry will help you organize your small tools properly.

2. Garage Wall Storage

If you want to manage bigger tools, you can simply install garage wall storage. This solution will work with any kinds your wall have in your garage, especially if you use slatwall as your garage door. Not only that you can hang bigger tools on the wall, you can also free up more spaces on your garage’s floor.

3. Specialty Storage Racks

While garage cabinetry and garage wall storage can help you to organize ordinary tools in small and big size, specialty storage racks will allow you to organize and take care of your heavy duty storage needs. However, there are many varieties of storage racks that can handle lighter tools. It depends on what kind of tools you have in the garage.

2. Damaged or Outdated Garage Doors

For some homeowners, damaged or outdated garage doors aren’t really a big deal as long as they can manage the garage properly. On the other side, this issue can be a serious problem, especially for some perfectionist homeowners. It’s understandable to be honest since damaged or outdated garage doors normally won’t go unnoticed either by your neighbors or simply passersby.

In some conditions, garage door happens to be most frequently used door as well. Given those facts, it’s safe to say that garage door actually takes important roles at your home. Therefore, proper maintenance is going to be needed to keep your garage door works well. Whether for safety reasons or simply for convenience, you just can’t keep a damaged or outdated garage door operating.


It’s never too late to install garage door technology at your home. In case you’re still using old, traditional and conventional garage door, there’s no guarantee it will last as long as you expect. In fact, it’s your best time to upgrade and use the technology since it was found 10 to 15 years ago. You may even have the chance to install the most updated garage door technology.

Talking about the types, normally you can choose a garage door made of full view aluminum, steel, fiberglass or even wood if you want. There will be many stores offer large collections of this technology which the design and style will suit your aesthetic preferences. Don’t really think about how much it will cost since garage doors can be one of the best restoration investments in the future.

3. Poor Garage Lighting

Garage is normally more than just a place where we put our tools and stuff at. It’s often that homeowners also use their garage as work place. If that’s the case, your garage will need proper lighting to support your working activity there. The fact is there are many garages out there that only have two or even one old 50 watt bulb as the main light. If yours is one of them, you simply need to change it.


Installing LED would be the most logic solution you can do. However, you can’t just pick any random LED to light your garage. Make sure about how often you’ll work at your garage or simply storing your tools. Once you’re sure about that, you can go to pick LED based on its energy to save the electricity.

4. A Lack of Workspace

Following the previous problems, a lack of workspace can also be a garage problem for some homeowners. For homeowners who like metalworking, woodworking, or simply repairing hobby, extra space at your garage is a must. However, messiness and noises are simply inevitable once you do one those heavy activities.


First thing you should do is to set up your garage. Don’t think that you don’t enough space to work until you really set it up and see how it looks. Setting up your garage will definitely give you extra space to work, no matter how small the space might be. Only then, you can do your activity with more space.

5. Damaged Garage Flooring

The last but the least, damaged garage flooring can be a serious problem for homeowners. Since it endures a lot of tear and wear, don’t be surprised that after certain periods you find some unpleasant views on your garage flooring. Especially if you own old concrete garage floors, things like crumbling, cracks, chips or unappealing overall look will be familiar to your floor.


If you have this problem, it’s suggested that you fully restore your garage flooring. Applying Polyapartic floor coatings is the best solution for you. Not only that it will give great looks, this material is also easy to maintain.


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