As a place to store all your possible tools, garage undoubtedly has its own role at home. Some home owners simply build their garage inside or alongside their home, while some other home owners prefer to have a detached garage. Normally, a detached garage looks different and better compared to an ordinary garage inside a house. In case you’re planning on it, here are some garage detached ideas you can try.

1. Semi Detached Garage Design

If you want your garage to be separated from your home, you don’t have to completely build it far from your home. By having a semi detached garage, you’ll have more freedom to add more feature inside your garage since it’s separated from the main home. To make both buildings connected, you can apply covered breezeway roof to provide extra space under both buildings.

To provide flexible access from both back and front, this garage design will look much better if you apply rustic sliding doors. Since that will result an unusual floor plan as well, you can also maximize an overhead storage to connect both buildings and park your vehicle under it.

2. Play with Angles

To make a detached garage looks wonderful; you can explore your ideas by playing with every possible angle. By playing the angles, you have unlimited possibilities about what style you can apply to your garage. Playing with angles will not only give you a wonderful look but will also offer you more space inside the garage.

Moreover, you will also have a chance to maximize your roof as a storage space if you set the angles correctly. Not many home owners notice this trick but they can always store they tools in the roof once they get the angles right. That’s why you have to try to play with the angles.


3. Combination of Office and Detached Garage

In case you want to make your garage to be more useful and helpful, you should go for this idea. Combining an office and a detached garage is a no-brainer idea in this era. Many home owners start having this kind of idea. Not only you use the garage as storage, you can also work in there. However, you have to make sure that you will have a comfortable workspace in your garage.

Basically, each home owner surely has different taste of how their office to be looked like. Hence, you can go for the comfort since the design is totally in your freedom. Having a combination of office and detached garage will also offer you different atmosphere of work in some situations. When you are just get bored of your old office, you can simply work at your detached garage.



4. Marvel Five-Car Garage Design

You don’t misread. It’s marvel five-car garage design. If we have to be honest, this idea may not be considered as a detached garage, but you just can’t deny that this idea would be some masterpiece once you have finished it. The main concept of this garage is to build a garage that can fit for five cars in normal size, as well with your living space. That’s why it’s not necessarily a detached garage.

However, this type of garage will offer you many benefits. For home owners who have more than one car and in a big size, this garage idea is surely the best option to consider. Besides, you can also simply live above them cars. The budget is another issue, but once it’s done, you will never regret what you have spent.


5. Window Style Detached Garage

Many home owners don’t hesitate to build their garage as good as their main home, or in some cases maybe even better. If you are one of them, building a detached garage with extra windows seems like your preferable option. Having extra windows in your detached garage will give you many benefits.

With more windows, you will unlikely to lose more heat with window pane. Moreover, more windows will offer you any chances to add more light to your garage as well as opting for skylight. This idea will also let you save significant amount of energy for lighting since skylight allows sunlight to shine your garage directly. More than that, you can improve the air purity inside your garage as well with the natural lighting from the sun.


6. Water in Detached Garage

Since you have all freedom you need of your own garage, why don’t you explore all the possibility? It’s safe to say that most of home owners don’t plan to have any sumptuous cabinets in their garage, but why don’t you go for it if it’s affordable? To support the sink and tap water plan, you will likely need to add any aesthetic cabinet style for the sake of its look.

Imagine how convenient it is to have a sink in your detached garage. You don’t necessarily need to trudge the entryway to your home just to look for a wash up place. Furthermore, this idea will offer you the capability to wash off any of your dirty tools straight in your garage. Imagine how convenient it is!


7. Workbench in Detached Garage

The last but not the least, you can have your dream workbench in your garage. For many home owners, workbench and garage is like a match made in heaven. They will complete each other to provide all convenience you need in your workspace. The question is what kind of workbench you may need? Well, it will back to you as the home owner.

Surely there are two choices available; to build your own workbench or to simply buy a ready-made one. Each option definitely has its own strength and weakness. Building your own workbench will likely cost you less money but requires more time, since building a proper workbench isn’t an easy job. On the other side, buying a ready-made workbench will save your time but surely costs more money. Therefore, think about it seriously before you make your next step.


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