Many home owners find it costly to have their own garage makeover. In fact, garage is now can be considered as one of the most-have lists, especially when you live in densely populated area.

However, there are always tricks to have an awesome makeover with less cost than you expected. In case you are planning on it, here are some garage makeover tricks that will save your budget.

1. Craft a DIY Tools Holder

Before you think about any big or complicated makeover, you can start from the simple ones. Making a craft for tools holder by yourself is definitely the cheapest makeover idea you can start with. A DIY tools holder will work perfectly for any home owners, especially for those who use the garage as a gardening shed as well.

It’s not a secret that gardening tools is a common problem for many home owners since they are not really easy to maintain.

With your craft tools holder, maintaining gardening tools isn’t a big deal anymore. You can mention make a list of your gardening tools that often give you such a headache.

Brooms, rakes, shovels, you can simply hang them now on your craft tools holder. You will no longer need to tangle them in the corner of the garage. By utilizing the wall space, you will find it easier to organize your gardening tools.


2. Use Fold-down Workbench

When you hear the word workbench, don’t always think that it’s the big one and requires lot of spaces. A small-folded table can also be called a workbench. You can definitely go for a fold-away and space-saving workbench rather than wasting up the space in your garage with a permanent work table which is usually oversized and heavy as well.

There are more benefits when you decide to go for fold-away and wall-mounted workbenches. First, you can simply collapse them when they are not in use. Second, you can easily include any wall storage to store your uncountable amount of tools.

Lastly, this workbench will also provide a proper place to work as well. Of course, you can also decide between purchasing it at hardware stores or simply do your DIY project. Both of them won’t cost you a lot of budget anyway.


3. Group Your Sport Equipment Together

If you’re one of the home owners who have many sporting equipment or similar items, you likely have a problem of storing them too. Since you won’t keep them at your main home, there’s no other place to go than your garage. Therefore, you need to keep them together to make you easier to find them whenever you want to have any sport activities.

The problem is some home owners prefer to simply scatter them throughout the floor or probably store them in a large bin. There are always other options to store them more properly.

One of the options is to make a bungee storage system. Not only offers you a better look, this idea will also save your floor space. In case you’re interested, here are some simple steps of making the bungee:

  • Get a spare wood, nails and bungee cords. Make a ‘U’ shape from three pieces of wood then install them to the top and bottom area of wall where you want it to be.
  • From the wooden ledges that you’ve already made, hook five or six bungee cords to create a barrier that will keep balls or any rounded sport items in place.


4. Magnetic Storage Panels

When you want to have a cheap garage makeover, you won’t only need basic supplies but also a lot of creativity. If you want to work efficiently and safely you can keep your tools in an organized and accessible space. You may consider a toolbox if you want to go for more secure storage, but if you want it to be more convenience than safe and more accessible; you can make magnetic storage panels.

With magnetic storage panels, you’ll be able to save more space as well as displaying your tools on the wall. You simply can present the tools neatly and retrieve them with ease. Don’t think that it will cost you much. Magnets for this kind of work are extremely affordable and are also easy to get in any hardware stores.


5. Overhead Storage Shelves

Not only on the walls, you can also take advantage and free up space of the ceiling. Whether you have totes, crates or boxes sprawled on your garage, always try to utilize your ceiling. To utilize your ceiling, you can build overhead storage shelves in your garage. This idea will work best for used belongings like clothing, decorations or large crates.

Even if you want to totally go for it, well-built ceiling-mounted storage units are able to hold up to 500 pounds if you need it to. Of course, you can count the price range based on how many pounds the unit can hold up, but normally a unit that can hold up 500 pounds won’t cost more than $500. If you want to look for the cheapest one, it normally starts from $20.


6. Ceiling Hooks for Bike Storage

This idea will definitely work for home owners who like to store their bikes in their garage. For some homeowners, providing proper space for bikes can be a real struggle. Leaning them up against the garage wall is sometimes just a temporary solution since it won’t look good. Therefore, you can always utilize your unused ceiling space to store your bikes.

The price range for bike racks can be different in any stores, but normally it goes from $100 to %500 depends on the strength or its style. If you want to go for the simple ones, the price can be much cheaper than that. That’s why ceiling hooks for bike storage is a no-brainer idea.


7. Take Good Care of Your Garage Floor

Another idea that’s worth to try is to upgrade the garage floor. Basically, this idea is optional since some home owners don’t really mind about how their garage floor looks like. However, maintain it properly won’t be a bad move. Beside, beading water then wipe your floor clean won’t be a hard and costly task.


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