Do you have a car? If your answer is yes, then you must have thought about the ideal garage size. It seems simple but is actually quite complicated. People used to build one car garage or even four to accommodate more cars. Nowadays, the most popular option is the two-car garage. Would that be a good choice for you, too?


1. The Questions about Ideal Size for A Garage

It is hard to tell the ideal size for a garage. The only person that could answer this question is you. Different house might have bigger or smaller garage depending on its function. People would be sad to have too small garage, yet they are angry if there are too much space left. To minimize this negative reaction, think carefully about how you will use the garage.

Sooner or later, you will repair your car. Will you repair it inside or outside? Also, think about the other vehicles that will share the garage space with your car. If the space is not enough, how will you arrange them? Some people welcome their guests in the garage. Will you do so, too? Then, you might need additional shelves and furniture for the guests.

Another essential question is the material of your two-car garage size. Striving for the cheapest material might cost you a lot in the future. Therefore, you should think about its durability and also its resistance to mold and changing weather. One of the well-known materials is steel. It could stand the weather and has easy maintenance steps. Many people choose steel for this reason. 


2. The Minimum Size

It takes time to decide the exact size of your garage. While looking for an inspiration, it would help to start from the standard size first. Remember that it could be expanded to your request. The standard size is calculated by adding two-car dimensions and extra inches for the safety space. Using this plan means that you cannot store anything else in the garage. It is for parking purpose only.

There are several options for standard two-car garage: 18 x 20, 20 x 20 and 22 x 22 inches. These are the most recommended size that doesn’t go against the state rule. Those who have bench, repairing tools and more vehicles (motor bike, bicycle) should find more space to keep them. This is your concern: taking the standard size but sacrificing the other functions or reconsidering the garage dimension to fit all the tools.

You need to think about the garage door as well. Some people prefer to have double door to help them with the parking. Others, however, prefer to install one big door. They are confident with their parking skills. The separator in the middle might be broken after getting hit by car bumper. In addition, they also buy one set of garage opener only. Compare it with two doors garage with its two-opener installation. 


3. Think Deeper: The Width and Length

To build a garage, you need to think deeper about the width and length. The average cars is 6 to 6.5 feet wide. Building the 20 feet garage will simply leave no extra space at all. For this reason, you need another 2 feet on each side. Then, you have a 24 feet wide garage. This extra space will help you during the parking session. Reduce the tension and the chance to have bumping accident in the garage.

The next thing to consider is the length. There is no best way than measuring the length of your vehicle and add some extra length. You might also want to make a list of other vehicles that should be stored in the garage. It helps you to decide the proper length. Sometimes, cars go first and the rest come later. There should be enough space to park them.

Take a sedan for the length measurement. It is more or less 17 feet. For a free roaming space around the sedan, you should go longer than 24 feet. Otherwise, you cannot go near the car before it goes out the garage. Then, add another 4 feet to place the working bench. Next time your car is broken, repair it by yourself. In total, the suggested length is 30 feet.

4. Think Deeper: The Height

You cannot miss the height of a garage to create a perfect dimension. The height of a garage should be determined by you, the garage owner. Blindly following the minimum height is not suggested for those who spend a lot of time in the garage. They might need an attic to store the tools or extra room to spend the night. Without doubt, the height of these garages will be different.

The standard height is seven to eight feet. However, it depends on the car type as well. If you have a truck, this height doesn’t match. You need higher ceiling to keep the truck. Those who own sedan could make higher garage as well. They might use it as extra storage for car spare parts. Think also about the garage door opener. There should be two inches space between the door and the roof.


5. Think Deeper: Attached or Detached

Have you thought about attached and detached garage? An attached garage is connected directly to the main house. On the other hand, a detached garage is separated from the main house. You need to walk before reaching your house. These two garage types make a big difference, especially on the energy usage. The attached type might share the heating and cooling system with the main house.

However, the detached type should have a separated heating and cooling installation. People prefer detached garage when they need privacy. In attached garage, the noise will echo to many rooms and disturb the entire family. If you have detached garage, and work with heavy tools, installing noise reduction layer will remove the noise. It is like having a second home or working space. 

If the idea of detached garage tempts you, then check the available space. Do you have enough land to build the garage? Calling for garage builder might be the best option if you are not sure.


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