It is an old style for having a manual garage door. People already use automatic garage door long time ago. However, if you apparently having an old automatic garage door, this 2021 might be the year you need to change it. Newer version of automatic garage door will make you easier to control in opening and closing the garage door.

Smart garage door is an automatic garage door in a different level. It will not work like open and close using one specific opener. Instead, the opener will connected to your current garage door through Wi-Fi. Later on, you can easily monitor it wherever you are. To make it cooler, it can also be linked to other smart devices you have at home, e.g. light, lock, etc.


Check these recommendations below to get yourself inspired

1. Chamberlain MyQ-G0301

This smart opener works with many brands such as IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Wink, Google Home, Xfinity Home, and Nest. Using Wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi, it is available in global and local online stores. Highlights of this product is it can work with many popular brands, manage some devices at one time, and have simple application interface and physical setup.

Having a sensor and a hub, this opener will connect fast to the Wi-Fi network. The command you send from your smart phone, it will be relayed to the connected hub, transferred to the sensor, and at the end it will open or close your garage door. This opener works with application called MyQ; it works for both iOs and Android. The app will help you to see whether the door is open or close.

Well known as one of recommended application for Google Home, this product can be paired to Google Assistant. As a result, you can control this app using your voice. Meanwhile, if you use iOs, you can buy a $49 adapter to allow you control the garage door using your voice through Siri.


2. Tailwind iQ3

This opener will need the Bluetooth from your car to help you open and close the garage door. Not only bluetooth, this opener can be connected using Wi-Fi as well. It works with some popular brands app such as IFTTT, SmartThings, Google Assistant, and Alexa. The strengths of this product are it has a sensor to notice your arrival or leave, it can be connected to Google Home, its feature can be customized.

For iOs users, you need to make sure your car has a sensor that can be connected to this opener. For Android users, you can connect this opener to car’s bluetooth. It will help trigerring the garage door to respond to your arrival or leaving sense. It works well, but you cannot set the minimum range for the sensor to sense it.

This opener comes with some versions. There are three of them based on the garage doors you would like to control; either one, two, or three.


3. NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener

This opener is considered as the most suitable for Alexa users. Therefore, it works best only for Alexa comes from Amazon. It has simple hardware design as well as the app. It also can control some multiple users. However, new users need to spend time to learn about the app since it is a little bit complicated for new users.

Even though it works best with Alexa, still this opener works for Google Home. It means you can use voice command to open and close the door. Make sure you run a wire from garage door to its opener first before you enjoy this feature. It can be controlled by multiple users, and the unique thing is it can record who opened and closed the door. The data will be saved on your Calendar’s phone.

Another unique thing of this opener is it has unique feature called Just Drive that can sense the arrival or leaving of a car. So, it will automatically open and close the door. Spending $79.99 will be worth if you can purchase this perfect opener brand.

NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener

4. Garadget

Meanwhile other openers using bluetooth and wifi to connect itself, Garadget uses laser. Even though it is a little bit tricky, it works with some popular apps such as IFTT, Google Assistant, Alexa, and SmartThings. No need to worry about setting, since it has simple setup. It will report any open and close action of the door real-time. You can also customize the alert you would like to hear from the app.

The laser used in this opener is the unique point of this product. You need to point the laser into certain tab that you already installed previously on the door. The laser will make the door open and close, depends on which part of the tab that you hit using the laser. It takes time for people to use this laser-based opener, but it is worth for its simplicity.

The real time alert will help you secure your house better, especially when the door is open for an unusual length. It also works with other smart home devices at home.


5. GarageMate

This opener is one of the most affordable opener you can find in the market. You only need to spend $52.95 for this opener. Even though it is not as expensive as other brands, its quality is good enough. Works only with Siri and Google, this opener connects using bluetooth 4.0. The setup is simple. It lets some people to connect to this opener.

The good thing of this opener is it connects using bluetooth, which is more suitable for those who don’t seek for any high tech opener, instead just a simple opener for the house. Either iOs or Android, you can connect your phone to it and of course, it will let you use voice command and let Siri or Google Assistant to open and close the door as you wish.

It also has Garagemat’s Activity Log. It will let you see people who open and close garage.


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