What is the standard 2 car garage size? According to, the best dimensions 2 car garage is 24×24 or 24×30. However, it really depends on what will be put, including decorations or other utensils. The next important thing is about how to organize regardless of size.

Being organized is one of people’s goal that they wish they can achieve, especially at home. Having a big garage, for example the one can fit two cars, sometimes becomes an excuse for putting everything inside.

The fact is the more you put things in the big garage, the messier and dirtier it can be. Therefore, the sooner you realize to get rid of the mess, the better it will be for your enjoyment at home.

1. Tidy Important Stuff in the Garage using Wire Shelving

People tend to put everything wherever it is possible, like in the garage. Either they have the similar function or no, people put it together to make it neat. Instead, it will make the garage become messy. First way to get rid of it is by putting some shelves in the garage. Sort stuff based on its function or any category that you can consider on your own.

After sorting all of those stuff, you can put those shelves in one same area. So, whenever you need something, you can simply go to that area to take what you need. Also, putting similar stuff in the same place will help you save more space in the garage.

2. Organize your Fishing Rods Before It is Broken or Worse

Well, it might not be everyone who enjoys fishing, but there must always be at least one fishing rod at every house. The best way to keep in a house is, of course, garage. However, don’t take it as an excuse to put it anywhere you want. Organize the fishing rod and its related stuff before it is broken, gone, or worse.

Stop the tangling fishing rods experience by purchasing fishing rod organizer. Or, instead, you can make on your own. Simply prepare a PVC pipe and a foam we usually see in the swimming pool noodle. There are so many instructions you can find in the internet that will help you to create that DIY fishing rod organizer.

After organizing fishing rod and its stuff, put it in area based on the frequency of you using this rod. If you are someone who spends a lot of time for fishing, it is best to put the organizer close to the door, so you can easily take it. Instead, if you barely go out for fishing, you may put it behind the shelf or anything else that will be fine if it is hidden.


3. Install Some Stack Bins Will Also Help Organize Things Inside the Garage

If shelf is too small to organize stuff you have in the garage, you may consider for having stack bins. Plastic-based storage bins are recommended to give extra and safe storage. You can use each bin to put stuff based on the need or function. You need to get them stacked against a wall, so it might be harder for you to reach the bottom bins.

Therefore, one of suggestions for sorting stuff in the bin is putting the most important things in the middle bin. Meanwhile, for stuff that you barely use, you can put in the bottom.

Last but not least, for stuff that you will use only in certain moment in a year, which means less than ones you put in the bottom, put it in the highest part of the bin.

Another suggestion is you may consider having different color of bin, so it will help you to easily remember what is inside of each bin.


4. Get All Car Care Products in One Cabinet

Keeping the car clean is important. However, not every time we can go to the car wash area. As a result, we shall prepare some sets of car care products at home so we can wash it by ourselves.

It is nice to use it in the beginning, but when the washing time is over, we barely remember to gather all products and make it tidy.

For getting rid of this habit, you can install a cabinet that is specially made for gathering all car care products you have. Put fluids, auto lubricants, and else into this cabinet.

There are some styles of cabinet you can choose, like simple shelf style and work table style. Choose the one that suits your style the most.


5. If You are Running Out of Storage, You can Store on Walls

Some people will never have enough space for storage. However, it is also never running out of ideas to find extra storage, especially in the garage.

Applying plywood over bare studs or drywall is a nice idea for making new storage.  You can put any hardware stuff here and it makes you easily take those things whenever you need it.

This plywood idea will also help you arrange things in a more space efficient way. If shelf and bin are not enough to save your stuff and the area of garage is no more spacey, this one is a saver for you to save them all. You can buy the one in the online market or you can make it on your own by checking on how to do it in the internet.


6. Organize Stuff in the Garage Using Wall Tool Holder

If you consider yourself as someone who pays attention to the hygiene of a house, you might not be surprised to know that you have a lot of cleaning stuff at home.

However, have you organized it well? Did you perhaps putting it in the garage somewhere and have a hard time to find it when you need it? Wall tool holder might help you overcome that problem.

Garden tools, brooms, shovels, rakes, are usually put in the garage. However, some people don’t sort it nicely, so it looks so messy. Using this holder will let them hang nicely and you can easily take it whenever you need it. There are so many wall tool holders sold in the online market. However, making it by yourself is also a nice thing to do.

Organize Stuff in the Garage Using Wall Tool Holder

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