Garage door bottom seals can wear off over time. The broken seal can make water and dirt come into the garage, and it will not only make the garage dirty, but it will also make the floor damaged.

The best thing to do is to cover the gaps on the garage door using the bottom seal and if you haven’t installed one, it will be the best time for you to do so.

The bottom seal will give extra protection to your garage and it will also give better insulation to your garage. Learn the types of garage door bottom seals and how to choose the best one here.

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Different Types of Garage Door Bottom Seal


Before you decide to install the garage door bottom seal, you need to know that there are different types and each of them are used differently. Before installing one, know each type is better because not all seals will fit your garage door. Plus, there are also different styles to choose from so that the protection you will get will also differ.

There are different types of garage bottom seals that you can choose, but there are four main types that you need to know.

1. Beaded

The first garage door bottom seal is the beaded seal. This seal is usually quite flat compared to other types of seals. The width is around 3 inches and it will be suitable for a flat floor.

If you see the design, there are lines or beads at the outside part and they work to prevent the ground and the seal from freezing. The beads will also help to prevent the water from going into the garage.

If your garage door has double channel retainers with circular grooves, this seal will be the most suitable one to choose from because it is usually T-shaped and both sides are bent upward so that it will fit well to the circular grooves.

The installation of this seal is also very easy because you just need to slide it into the channel. But you need to remember that it will not work well if the garage floor is curved or uneven.


2. Bulb

The bulb seal is shaped like a bulb which is round in the bottom and narrow at the top. However, this type of seal consists of two kinds that you can choose, such as P-shape and T-shape. Not only good for even floors, this seal also works well on an uneven floor.

The seal can be used in a single channel retainer to make it easier to install and it will fit tightly to the door. It means that it will keep the garage from any weather and retain the temperature.


3. T-type

The T-type door seal also works in double channel retainers, like the beaded seal. Each side of the seal has a t-shape that will provide a better lock to the retainer.

However, it will look like the bulb seal at a glance, but only the bottom part that is round while the top part is not. Choosing this T-type seal is great if the garage floor is uneven and it will work to provide a better seal to the ground.


4. J-type

Similar to the T-type seal, this J-type seal also has a J shape on each side and when the garage door is closed, you can see two Js on each side. However, this seal is more popular to use for storage units and shipping containers. You can still use it on the garage door if the door uses a single channel retainer and the installation is pretty similar.


The Best Garage Bottom Seal to Choose

There are lots of brands to choose from when you want to buy the garage bottom seal and it might make you confused. Don’t worry, there are some best brands that provide different types of seals and you just need to choose which type that suits your needs.

1. CloudBuyer Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping Kit

If you are looking for a great product that has a reasonable price and great durability, this garage food bottom seal from CloudBuyer is the best choice. The seal is made of a flexible and waterproof rubber that is very resistant to the change of temperature. The seal comes with T-types with 20 feet in length and 3 ¾ inch in width.

Do not worry. You can always cut the seal to suit the garage door well. The seal is also great because it will fit the garage door bottom well and it will not move out of place. The seal features dust-proof, weather-proof, and waterproof. However, the downside is that sometimes you will need help to install this seal.

CloudBuyer Garage Door Bottom Weather Stripping Kit

2. Hooima 2020 Gray Garage Door Bottom Seal

The garage door bottom seal from Hooima comes in gray and it is very unique because not all brands offer this color. The seal also comes with T-types and is 20 feet long. If your garage has uneven floors, this seal can work best since it is very flexible and will suit the floor.

This brand is greatly chosen by homeowners because it comes in the first place when it comes to insulation and it is very durable to withstand extreme temperatures.

Although this seal is very easy to install, some homeowners claim that it takes some time to install. If you have a similar problem later on, you just need to make sure that the track is clean and it will be easier to slide.

Hooima 2020 Gray Garage Door Bottom Seal

3. Papillon Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Seal

The Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold seal from Papilon is made from a durable and strong EPDM rubber which makes it best to choose when there is a tough usage of the door.

The seal is the winner when it comes to durability and it is also very flexible. It is 0.5 inches tall and it will be perfect to seal the garage. Similar to previous brands, the length is 20 feet and you can cut it based on your needs.

Papillon Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Seal

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