Organizing garage can be some serious matter for many home owners, especially when it’s the large one. In some occasions, home owners even need to hire some people for additional hands in organizing their garage. That surely doesn’t have to happen if you know the tricks to organize your garage. To prevent you to be like those home owners, here are some garage organization hacks for you.

1. DIY Cleaning Tool Holder

It’s fair to say that you have many cleaning tools in your garage. Regardless how often you use them to clean the garage, you just can’t simply put them down in sprawling position. Not only that it’s not good for the look, you may also amass dirt on your cleaning tools. If you left your cleaning tools sprawled for weeks or more, don’t be surprised you will find many living things on them.

Therefore, it’s a must to separate your cleaning tools with other stuff. Not only just scatter them in the corner, it will be better if you provide tool holders for them. You can decide whether you want to do it by yourself or simply buy it in stores since most of them are affordable. The point is don’t just sprawl your cleaning tools. Holding them on tool holder will make you easier to have the routine check on them.


2. DIY File Cabinet Garden Tool Storage

Many home owners who also have garden in their house surely have to deal with gardening tools as well. Basically it’s more or less a similar issue with taking care of cleaning tools. The problem is gardening tools tend to be bigger and is more varied. Not to mention when you have just finished doing any gardening activity, which surely left any dirt on your gardening tools.

For that problem, you can build a special file cabinet to store your gardening tools. As you can see in the picture below, the file cabinet doesn’t have to be large but make sure that it can contain all your gardening tools. Not only easy, this file cabinet is also budget-friendly solution for any home owners who have various gardening tools. To make it easier, you can utilize an unused cabinet if you have one and remove the drawers. Put some paint on it to give fresher look.


3. Chain Holder Hanger

Most of home owners have no idea about what they are going to do with their unused stuff they have just found after cleaning. Some of the unused stuff is chains. When home owners don’t know what to do with them, they just sprawl them in some area in the garage or simply throw them away. In fact, chains can be useful tools if you know how to handle it properly.

As you can see in the picture, this home owner make the most of their chains by making them as holder hangers. To get this one works well, make sure you install the wall anchors perfectly. Get the simple yet strong wall anchors that can hold and hang all your stuff, since this holder hanger not only can hold hoses but much heavier stuff if you install them correctly.


4. Garage Shelving

For many home owners, garage shelving is often a quick solution for any garage problems. However, some of them have no idea how to get proper garage shelving that can suit perfectly with their garage. What is often to happen is either the garage shelving isn’t big enough to contain the tools or it leaves unused spaces. Normally, having unused spaces is still better but having a garage shelving that can fit your garage perfectly is more ideal.

Since we all know that you’re going to store more and more stuff to your garage, let’s go for garage shelving that provides extra spaces. This garage shelving in the picture below is the perfect example, especially for those home owners who have any jumbo toy buckets. Classifying small-sized tools then store them to jumbo buckets is a simple step that can help a lot. Moreover, applying this garage shelving also allows you to maximize vertical space for smaller tools and let bigger or heavier tools on floor space.


5. Locker Garage Storage

If you don’t really like to store your big and heavy tools on floor space, you can use locker garage storage instead. This is a no-brainer garage solution for any home owners who have unused locker. For those who don’t have, make a new one won’t be that difficult. Making it by yourself surely will save more money than buying the new one. Besides, you have more freedom to provide space for the locker.

As you can see in this picture below, old locker can be helpful solution to store many kinds of stuff. This locker will suit perfectly to hold paints or any various chemicals in garage if you have ones. It’s important to separate them from any other tools. Adding wood shelving like you can see in the picture will give you more storage space to store your tools.



6. Ladder Scrap Wood Holder

The last but not the least, this garage hack will work perfectly for any home owners who have various sizes of lumber. It’s often the case is many home owners really have no idea about what to do with the remaining lumbers after they have finished the old project. In some occasions, home owners are more likely to sell them back with lower price or simply sprawl them in the corner of garage.

To make the most of them, you can magically turn them to ladders. Basically, you can make your own ladder based on the size and number of lumbers you have since each home owner surely have different size of garage as well. This picture below is a clear example of how you can get the most of your lumber. There are also many tutorials about how to make a ladder as well, so you don’t have to worry about that.


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