For some home owners, garage can be the most important place for them, even more important than their main house. No wonder if home owners are willing to spend big money just to make their garage looks better and better. One of aspect that they are focus on is the garage wall. In case you have the similar willingness with them, here are some garage wall ideas that will blow your mind.

1. DIY Garage Workshop Area

It’s safe to say that any DIY project never disappoints us, regardless the end product. Having a DIY project will normally give you different kind of pleasure that you may not get from any other things. One of the pleasant DIY projects is a DIY in your own garage. In this case, the idea is to build DIY workshop area in your garage.

Having a workshop area in your garage is one of the most effective ways to utilize your garage wall. Instead of changing the wall color, you can simply attach some basic boards to store many tools, some dressers and some storage shelves. This is one of the best ways to make the most of unused dressers. Instead of throwing it away, you can use it to store some tools in your garage wall.

This DIY garage workshop idea is definitely one of the most effective ways to make the most of your garage wall space. Not only to utilize the wall space, this DIY project will also save you more work space on the floor. As you can see in the picture below, you have freedom to store what kind of tools on the wall and arrange it as you want.

As the home owner, it’s your choice to have a go or not. This DIY idea simply offers you solution to many common garage problems; cluttering tools in the garage. With this workspace area on the wall, you are likely to have cleaner and neater look in your garage storage like never before.


2. Storage Cabinets for Garage Wall Ideas

If you are willing to do a lot more than just a workspace on the wall, you probably want to try this idea. This storage cabinet for garage wall idea will be the best solution for any home owners who don’t really have enough storage space in their garage. The main concept is by covering the whole one side of your garage wall with cupboards or cabinets as you can see in the picture below.

Therefore, there can be various sizes of cabinets you might need. Mostly, it will be based on the tools you need to put inside the cabinet. With cabinet storage on your garage wall, you will never any more cluttering materials and tools on your floor. The cabinet storage offers you more space to store your tools and materials than you imagine. There’s no reason to leave them on the floor anymore.

Furthermore, cabinet storage can also be a good solution to cover any ugly wall surface in your storage. It’s often happen that there’s always one side of your garage walls that’s just not as good as the other sides of wall. With large cabinets or cupboards, you won’t have to worry about how to cover it. Just make sure that you provide the right cabinet or cupboard with the right size for your garage.


3. Dark-Bricked Garage Wall Ideas

While there are many home owners who are focus on how they can store their tools properly in their garage, there are also those who are focus more on how their garage looks. If you’re the second type of home owners, this idea might suit your style. Dark colors are normally associated with masculinity, and this dark-bricked garage wall idea is the best example to prove it.

Just by seeing this picture, you can that the masculinity level in this garage is incredibly high. The texture and look of the wall is just too strong and too masculine to handle. This is just as much as you can build in your garage. With some vehicles up, you’re likely to have one of those Fast and Furious movie sets.

There are many aspects that make this dark-bricked garage looks so masculine. Let’s start from the enlightened posters on the wall. It’s basically up to you to hang whatever posters you want on your garage wall, but bear in mind that posters take serious role in the way you make your garage looks masculine. Hence, b very selective about what posters you want to display in your garage.

Next, the posters won’t produce much masculinity if it’s not for the additional spotlights. They this home owner set the spotlights straight to the posters to create more dramatic and masculine effect is out of this world. The posters and spotlights placement just seem to be perfect and match. This idea is exactly what you need if you want to focus more on your garage look, assuming you have no problem with the storage issues.


4. Blue-Painted Garage Wall Ideas

This idea is for home owners who want to do exactly the opposite with the previous idea. Although your garage looks at its best when you apply dark colors, that doesn’t mean bright colors can’t be applied in your garage. Some garages even look better with bright because of its design. This garage in the picture below is the best example for that explanation.

With the matched garage design, this picture shows that light blue color can have real deal with garage. As long as the home owner combines and matches it well with the surrounding, bright colors can always seal the deal.

For this case in the picture, the light blue color is well supported by white ceiling and checkered floor with blue-colored parking mark for vehicle. This garage is also a good example that checkered floor will always work with any designs. With the right pictures and posters, garage with bright colors will never disappoint.


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