Must-Do Things Before Buying Overhead Garage Storage

How is your feeling when you find your garage is messy, but you cannot find another place to keep your belongings? Well, it’s time to get your garage removed or at least be laid out. Well, if you are confused to arrange and to place your things, the best hack is to buy more storage and ceiling storage can be a good idea.

Want to buy an overhead rack for your garage? Before ordering it online or going to the store, you should make sure some points first, so you know what you need, and you will not buy something useless. Make sure you check these points first. You are going to need your meter tool and note.


1. Size

This is important to consider. You need to know what size of rack that can contain your things, so your garage will be tidy, and you know where the exact place of the items is. If you have so many things, you may consider buying big size rack, but if you don’t then it is not necessary to acquire the big one since somehow it will just give you the urge to buy more things that can fill the rack. However, if you think that you may need bigger storage someday, you may consider to but the expandable-sized storage.

Not only how big it is, but you also should consider how heavy your things are. A bigger rack may be convenient enough since they may come with better materials to hold heavy items. If you are not sure about the weight, you can buy the rack with wall mount brackets which can make the rack stronger to keep heavy things.

The size of your ceiling also things that you should consider before choosing the storage. The rack will be useless if it is bigger than your ceiling, unless you have time to DIYing the rack to fit in your ceiling. So, measure your ceiling right away!

2. Ceiling Compatibility

If you are considering buying the ceiling storage for your garage, then you should consider the compatibility the rack to be placed on the ceiling. It means that you should mind whether the rack can be installed properly in any condition of the ceiling or not. It will be fruitless if you buy the rack that you can’t install later.

3. Adjustable Heights and Motorized Rack

Now, consider the height of your garage. If you have a low height garage, then you should not buy racks for high one. The most convenient way is that you can buy the adjustable heights one, that can match your need well. By buying this type, you can raise or lower the rack, so if you have big things to keep on this rack, you will not be puzzled if the size doesn’t fit. Simply adjust the rack and problem is solved.

However, there is a more comfortable way to adjust the overhead rack. You can do it without climb the ladder and align the joints. Simply, you can but the motorized rack. This rack is practical since you only need to push the button and the rack will come down.

Some models also come with the hold button mode, so you can adjust the height easily, and the lock it in the position that you want. If you want to buy this model, make sure you choose the rack with strongest and thickest material so it can serve the motorized mode well. You should also consider your ceiling strength since the weight will be doubled.


4. Weight Capacity

This one is a little bit tricky one. You don’t need to know the exact weight of the things that you want to place on the rack, but at least you can guess or you need to know the weight capacity of the rack so you will not place the overweight things up there.

The conventional overhead rack may support fifty pounds per square feet and id you put things heavier than that, it will damage the rack and can be dangerous. You may choose the thick wood that can hold more weight than metals, especially if it comes with the joist model. However, if you need something lighter and easier to clean out, you may need to consider an overhead rack with joists, made of the strong steel.

5. Safety

The last, but the most important thing is the safety. First thing you should consider is to buy a rack that has more access to push in your things. More hooks may secure your rack to the ceiling better, but the access to your things may be more limited so it can block your things and can be dangerous.

If you have an open overhead door, then make sure that you install the overhead rack with some space from the door so it will not block your door and the things you may put on the rack will also not disturb the door. Not only if you have the overhead door, but also if you have a common door, you need to make sure that there is a safe space between the top of the door and the rack.

When it comes to safety, you also make sure that your rack is made of the best quality materials and also come with the suitable and enough numbers of the fastening bolts. It should be well secured. If you want to, you can have the wall-mounted rack so instead of only hanging on your ceiling, it is also mounted your wall.

A model of rack that has safety lip may also be safer than other models. This lip will ensure your things in their place and prevent them from falling off. So, get the overhead rack with at least two inches of safety lips.

These five things are the most important thing to do before buying and installing the overhead rack. Make sure that you prioritize the safety since it can be really dangerous to have things hanging over your head, they can fall someday, and we definitely don’t want it.


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