Redoing your garage floor is essential because it can get stained and you might notice some fissures due to heavy vehicle movement. You might not have one of those problems now, but later. That’s why it is important to plan the designs thoroughly.

There are lots of options you have, but you need to consider lots of things, such as durability, resilience, and others for your garage flooring. You might also want to consider choosing the one that will attract more attention and have your personal touch.

Here are some DIY you can do to redo your garage flooring without hiring professionals and wasting more money on the installation.


1. Repairing

Before you do the garage floor, it is better to repair damaged slabs and clean the stains. It is a very important thing to do because if you neglect those things, you cannot coat and cover the floor well. Even if you can, the coat and cover won’t last for too long, and you need to redo it sooner or later.

2. Coating

After you have repaired the damaged slabs and clean the stains, you can start coating the garage floor. The stains might not disappear easily, but you can always coat it with floor paint.

It is quite expensive, but you can always use latex paint for the inexpensive alternative. All you need to do here is to apply it using brushes or rollers, and the garage floor will look like new.

3. Covering

If you don’t want to coat the floor with colors, you can always cover the floor that will reflect your garage life. There are different kinds of materials you can choose and each of them has different ways to apply. Plus, each of them has different strengths so that you need to adjust it based on your needs.

4. Insulating

The most important thing you cannot forget when you do the garage floor is to add insulation. It is quite important to do so that you can always work on your garage in both hot and cold weather. You can always extend the heating and cooling system at your house to the garage.

If you want a simpler method, you can install the floor heating system. Don’t forget to add more insulation on the garage door so that the outside air won’t penetrate to the garage easily.

Coating and Covering Your Garage Floor

Doing the garage floor might not look as easy as it seems, especially in terms of coating and covering it. You don’t need to worry because there are some ideas you can use to bring the garage floor to life.


1. Paint

The simplest method you can use to redo the garage floor is painting it. It is the cheapest method you can use among other methods. However, it will require you to work double and you need to redo it again to make the color stands out.


Don’t forget to repair the damaged slabs beforehand and make sure that it is clean enough before you apply the paint. You can also brush the floor with concrete floor cleaner to remove stubborn stains and prevent undistributed color later.

2. Inter-Locking Floor Tiles

If you want different garage floor designs in every season, you can install interlocking floor tiles. There are lots of colors, textures, and shapes you can choose. The best thing from the interlocking floor tiles is that you can always adjust the size because they have detachable slimmer pieces.

They also don’t come with adhesive backing so that you can easily remove them and reattach them anytime you want. Not only easy to remove, but the tiles are also quite strong so that they can withstand the heavyweight of your vehicles.

You don’t need to worry if you drop some oil or other stains here because they are easy to clean. The only downside for the tiles is that they only work if the floor is level.


3. Floor Mats

Another simple thing you can do to cover the garage floor is by using floor mats. No, it’s not a bad idea, unless you choose the wrong floor mats. There are some floor mats that are specially designed for the garage. The mats can withstand the heavyweight of the vehicles and they are easy to clean when you notice that the oil leaks from your car.

All you need to do is to wipe it and it will be as clean as new. Some also come with adhesive backing so that they will stay in their place. Plus, you can always adjust the length by cutting it with utility knife. Don’t worry, they also come in different colors and patterns so that you can choose the one based on your liking.


4. Peel-and-Stick Tiles

You might be interested to use interlocking tiles for your garage floor, but what if the floor has a different height? Don’t worry, you can always use peel-and-stick tiles. All you need to do is peel the adhesive backing and stick it to the garage floor. You don’t need to worry if you want to install it around the corner because you can cut it to adjust the size.

Plus, there are different patterns and colors, and it will be a great thing if you want to customize the garage floor based on your liking. Don’t worry they are quite cheap, but the most important thing you cannot forget before installing the tiles is to make sure that the surface is clean and dry.


5. Roll-Out Vinyl Flooring

Roll-out vinyl flooring is another simple material you can use for your garage floor. Basically, it will be the same with floor mats, but vinyl. All you need to do to install it is to roll it out, cut the excess part, and it will cover the floor nicely.


However, the only downside of this material is that you need to replace the entire thing if you notice a damaged section. Plus, you cannot create your own floor patterns which will make the floor quite boring.

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