Bad smell in garage is arguably one the most common problem that many home owners have ever experienced. Some home owners even reveal that those bad smells keep coming no matter how often they clean their garage. If that’s really the case, there must be something wrong with the garage. If you’re having the same problem, follow some tips about how to remove smell from garage below.


1. Identify the Cause

Whenever you sense something wrong with your garage smell, the first thing you actually should do is to find out what causes it. Another important thing to remember is to notice the smell as soon as possible. In many cases, home owners are too late to notice the smell. As a result, they will have harder task to get rid of the smell. This case mostly happens when home owners are too late to find any rot in their garage.

That’s one of the reasons why home owners have to do routine check in their garage. As soon as they find something wrong about their garage, including bad smell, it will be easier for home owners to get rid of them. Basically, home owners should be aware and notice the problem as soon as possible, no matter what causes the smell. The sooner they notice the problem, the easier they get rid of the bad smell.


2. Bad Smells from Garbage Bin

Although we agree that bad smell can caused by anything in your garage, it’s normally bad smells from garage that becomes the main issue. Any other smells which aren’t caused by garbage can or trash are normally not harmful and doesn’t really bring strong scent. It’s true that bad smells sometimes can be caused by chemicals, but actually not all chemicals are poisonous.

In fact, many home owners believe that bad smells from trash or rot are still safer than smells caused by chemicals. The truth is both of smells are surely unhealthy for your garage environment, but if you want to know which smell should be handled first, it’s the smells from trash or garbage can. It’s a simple logic; no matter how strong the scent is, chemicals are chemicals. It’s the natural smell from chemicals.

On the other side, smells from trash normally caused by rotten materials, especially when you have any garbage bin around or even inside your garage. It’s enough to explain why bad smells from garbage bin need immediate and serious treatment. There are many reasons why your garbage bin can produce such bad and strong smells. Just like it was mention earlier, it’s most likely caused by any spoiled, moldy and rotten foods that probably have stayed there for too long.

Things just have gone from bad to worse when you’ve thrown strong smelling foods such as onion, garlic or fish. Those kinds of smells unsurprisingly can drift for weeks or even months when abandoned and thrown into garbage bin. Old eggs, spoiled milk or rotten meat surely can be the real cause of your bad smells in garage. Putting them on thick plastic bag before throwing them away is the most logical thing you can do to prevent them producing unpleasant smells.


3. Potential Health Threats

If you live in America, you must be aware that garbage is one of the serious issues that you can’t ignore in the country. Americans generate more than 250 million tons of garbage just in one year. Health threats from rotting garbage become serious issue year by year. There are higher chances that your garbage bin is carrying harmful bacteria that can endanger your health.

That’s likely one of the logical reasons why your garbage bin is starting to produce unpleasant smells. It’s worth to note that there are also kinds of foods that should have not been thrown away carelessly, especially in your garage garbage bin, even when you already put them in thick plastic bag. Rotten foods like cheese and bread or old eggs are kinds of you should simply throw away far from your house or garage. Throwing them into garbage bin in your garage will just make things worse.


4. Solutions for Garbage Smells

Now that you know what things that can cause unpleasant smells in your garage, it will be easier for you to prevent any unpleasant smells come to your garage. So, here are some garbage smells solutions you should try to prevent the unpleasant smells:

  • There are many ways you can do to clean your garbage bin, but there’s one way that can give you boost about this smell problems. Cleaning the bin with bleach is the most effective way in case your garbage bin has already started to produce unpleasant smells. Clean the bin regularly then dry it in the sun. It will kill the bacteria effectively.
  • Since you know that food can be the main problem of any unpleasant smells in your garage, you should start reducing food waste, especially in area around your house and garage. It will be better if you keep the food waste on large and thick plastic bag or in the any freezer if you have any, until the day of garbage pickup.
  • Putting a few dryer sheets, baking soda, chunks of charcoal or a few cups of cat litter to your garbage bins will normally help to absorb any unpleasant garbage bin smells that may occur anytime.
  • In case you own any drain in your garage, it will be better to clean the area regularly using baking soda or bleach. These stuff are the best in preventing any smells.


5. Keep Bad Smells Away

Eliminating the bad smells from your garage doesn’t guarantee that it won’t come back or occur again next time. Therefore, you need to keep them away from coming back to your garage. This is what you can do:

  • You can use garbage and trash deodorant since there many brands out there available. Apply them regularly to your garbage bins.
  • Before throwing your garbage to bin, make sure you close the garbage bags tightly to prevent it from leaking.
  • Increase the airflow in your garage with a ceiling or portable fan to have better air circulation.


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