Top 5 Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment Plans to Steal Your Heart Right Away

Enhancing your 3 cars garage will be an interesting project. The garage alone is really spacious already, so adding an apartment on it will result in a spacious dwelling or a small one with grand look. Of course, modern style will make it even more charming. Steal the following ideas for your project modern 3 car garage with apartment. Check it out.

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1. Modern 3 Car Garage and an Apartment with View

This 3 car garage is really spacious and it gives you freedom to do more than parking. Surely you can add a little workshop back there for a little hobby. Most part of this garage is even deep enough for your RV or trailer.

Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment Plans

Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment Plans
Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment Plans. Image:

From the front part, we won’t notice an entry to the upstairs apartment. Uniquely, the entry is placed at the back. The door leads you to a half bath on the left and stairs to the apartment on the right. If you rent this apartment, it gives the residence real privacy there.

Modern 3 Car Garage Plans

Modern 3 Car Garage Plans

After climbing the stairs, you will find a really large room that is functioned as a spacious living room, a kitchen, and a dining area with large windows. Definitely, there is a door that leads you the balcony from this area so this space is all about the view.

Simple 3 Car Garage Plans

Nice Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment
Awesome Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment

Behind the living room and kitchen, you will find a spacious bedroom with a walk-in closet on the right. On the left of the hall, there will be laundry and bath with shower. This apartment is efficient as well as stylish at the same time with access to outdoor view. 

Modern Garage Apartment Floor Plans

Modern Garage Apartment Floor Plans

2. Garage, Apartment, and More for Modern Plans

A spacious garage is always appreciated, and this plan actually makes sure you have more than enough options on the property. The garage can house up to three cars including an RV or a trailer for being deep enough.

RV Garage Plans with Apartment

Modern prefab garage with apartment
Modern 3 Car Garage with Apartment

At the back, it also has a woodworking room, craft room, and a utility room. The utility room can be accessed from the interior door as well as from the back door, which is also the upstairs apartment entry. This garage alone already offers so much in which spending time here will be really nice.

Modern garage apartment plans

The apartment has a large living room with a door leads to the outdoor balcony. Next to the room, there is a walk-in kitchen with a corner pantry, which is nice and spacious. The apartment also has a shared full bath and a laundry room.

Modern Garage with Apartment Above

Modern Garage with Apartment Above

There are two bedrooms as well. One of them is the master one, and it is completed with a closet. This apartment will make a huge guesthouse, and it will sell out as a rent unit for being so comfortable and nice. The hidden entry makes it all even better. 

3. 2+1 Car Garage and Apartment with a Modern Good Flow

When we look at the plan, there is only one perfect word to describe it. It is a simple garage. It can house up to three cars nicely, and it may still have space for your wall attached storage. Other than that, there is no additional room in this level.

Prefab garage apartment modern
Modern 3 car garage with apartment above

Tucked in the corner of the room, there are stairs taking you to the upper level apartment. The apartment has just the excellent flow. Entering from the hall, this apartment will be opened to its large family room with large windows and doors to the exterior balcony.

Modern garage apartment

Next to the family room, there is a walk-in kitchen with an island and breakfast counter on it. These two rooms are looking out to the view through those large windows. How nice. And then, there is this master bedroom, the only one in this apartment, completed with a walk-in closet. The bathroom isn’t so large, but it is a full one with shower space which is nice.  

Prefab garage apartment modern design ideas

It is a charming renting unit if you want to make an investment out of it while it will also give you a legendary guest house if you want it to be.

4. Studio Apartment on a Modern Garage

This garage looks pretty different for being a kind of divided. It houses three cars, but two cars will go on the main space while the additional one car will go on the other space which is a smaller one. It is different but still nice though especially with a half bath is provided too in this level.

Modern Garage Apartment Studio Plans

Modern Garage Apartment Studio
Modern 3 car garage with apartment

Both spaces are divided by an entry with stair to the apartment upstairs and they have a door to access the stairs. These stairs lead you to the studio apartment above. The apartment is completed with a minimalist door with island, a pantry next to the laundry, and a bath with tub.

Modern garage apartment upstairs

The large room is of course going to be the bedroom and all, but it sees over the large windows and doors that lead to the outdoor deck. This deck is a nice touch, in which it can be used for outdoor living looking at the view.

Garage studio apartment plans

This studio apartment is going to be a nice guest house with open and practical floor plan and a little bit fun on the deck. However, it will be a hot rent item for young people, absolutely. 

5. Idyllic Modern 2Br Apartment over the 3 Car Garage

This garage alone already looks really great, while it stays simple. As you can see from the plan, there is nothing complicated about this garage. It houses two and one cars in it, and it is completed with a half bath as well just in case.

Idyllic Modern 2Br Apartment over the 3 Car Garage

The garage has a hidden back door to access it, but it also has a separated entry for the apartment above. The entry is completed with a covered stoop which looks nice and dignified where it leads you straight to the stairs.

Garage apartment above modern plans

As you walk the hall, you will find a walk-in kitchen with an island and a dining area next to it. The family room features wall of windows to give the interior a wonderful view. While there is only one shared bath, this apartment actually has two bedrooms.

Garage apartment modern with walk in kitchen

Each bedroom is completed with a closet, but only one has an access to the outdoor deck. This deck is created to add the fun on this small apartment, adding a great value to the entire property.

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