Awesome 4 Garage Wall Décor Ideas

Who said garages are the most overlooked place in the estate? Well, that may be the case if you are not into collecting vehicles, doing maintenance, or working on projects with power tools. However, if you do care and have some money to spare, it won’t hurt decorating the space. It’s especially true if your garage has clutters – a few arrangements on the wall can help with both space and aesthetics. Here most popular simple garage wall decor ideas. Check it out!


1. Spaz the Paint

When we are talking about walls, the easiest thing to spot is the color. So, when you want to decorate the walls of your garage (or any wall in your house), consider the color first. Does it look bad? Are there any dirty spots? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have a good excuse to repaint your garage walls!

Of course, you can pick a color of choice. However, if you don’t know what color to choose, neutral ones such as white, black, or grey are often safe choices. As long as the color of the wall looks good with the color of the ceiling and floor, the wall should look fresh after repainting.

To make sure that the garage looks and stays as clean as possible, consider using waterproof paints. That way, when there are oil sprays, you can just wipe it off the floor to clean the mess. It should be easier to clean the dust off the ceilings and racks, too. Since waterproof paints leave shiny surface, the wall will look brighter with the lights on.


2. Add Some Tiles or Accents

Plain color may look clean. However, if it’s too plain, then it may end up looking too uninteresting. This is especially true when you have a spacious garage. If that’s a problem, then giving your wall some accents can help. This can be done easily by adding another color of paint close to the ceiling or the wall.

You can also use decorative tiles on the wall. It’s also possible to cover the whole wall with tiles altogether, but it might end up looking like a bathroom instead. Either way, do this sparingly especially if you are planning to mount things on that wall.


3. Display Your Trophies and Add Some Accent Lighting

Got trophies from racing awards and the like? Put them up in your garage! OK, it doesn’t have to be trophies, but if you have anything to display that seems appropriate for the garage. It can be anything – certificates, photos, spare parts, or even just tools. Don’t forget to bash it with some accent lighting to make them look extra fancy. If you collect vehicles, giving them the accent lighting from the wall will not be a bad idea either.

Speaking of lighting, you can try using spotlights for a dramatic look. Sure, LED strips are easier to install, but they don’t have the dramatic effect given by spotlights. If you do use spotlights, it will be easier to direct the light to both your wall and your vehicles. Plus, you can also rearrange the positions at will, too.


4. Use Wall-Mounted Decorative Storage Spaces

To begin with, garages are not the first thing that comes to mind when we are talking about aesthetics. The closest thing for room, vehicle, and aesthetic is a showroom. Of course, a garage can be a showroom, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be either.  So, how can we decorate our garage walls without turning it into something wholly different? Simple, use it as a storage space!

Nowadays, there are a lot of wall storage variations we can install. They look aesthetic in a tidy way, too. So, using your garage walls as storage spaces both serves aesthetic and practicality – killing two birds in one stone! There are a few ways to go with it:

a. Hanging Storage

If you have enough room to display your tools on the wall, then make hanging storage. Hanging storage is basically a way to store items by ‘hanging’ or displaying them on the wall. This type of storage is perfect for lightweight tools that are always needed during maintenance such as spanners and screwdrivers. You can also display your gardening or craft tools there if you want to.


b. Racks for Garage Wall Decor ideas

What if you have tools that won’t hold hanged on the wall? Then make them racks! Racks are practical for power tools, especially lighter ones such as power drills. If not, you can display souvenirs or other items that you can’t hang on the racks.


c. Cabinets

Is dust an issue? Then try cabinets. With cabinets, we can put our items without exposing them to the dust. Also, this may be a better choice for those who have little knick-knacks such as different sizes of screws, ropes, and other items that clutter easily.


d. Bike Racks

This is optional – but if you do have bikes, then you may want to consider purchasing and installing bike racks. Bike racks are especially convenient when your garage is rather small. By putting up the bikes on the wall, you will have more moving spaces.


Not to mention, it helps with the tidy ‘aesthetics’ the other storage put up. After all, bikes are rather awkward when places standing up, especially if you have little space to move around and have to reach for tools.

All these storage options are great, but what type of material should we choose? It depends on the style of your garage. Overall, metal hanging panels and bike racks are perfect for any sort of wall. Racks and cabinets have more versatile choices. If you are on a budget, try plastic. If you want something fancier, try metal or wood. It’s also possible to make the racks from scavenged or bought wood.

Is it true that only high-end cars deserve classy garages? Not really, it depends on your aesthetic and, of course, budget. If you don’t strive for the aesthetics, then some storage spaces on the wall would at least help your garage looks tidy.

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