Inspiring Garage Apartment Floor Plans

If you’re looking for a new, affordable living space with plenty of parking and room to store your car, then garage apartment floor plans might be just the thing.

Garage apartments are typically located in detached garages or basements. This type of housing is often more economical than renting an apartment because it’s cheaper to build out these spaces from scratch rather than pay rent on an existing building.

There are many different styles of garage apartments available, including some that have their kitchenette or laundry area and others that don’t require any changes to the exterior look of your home at all (which means no unsightly additions).

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Garage Apartment Floor Plans
Garage Apartment Floor Plans. Image

Garage Apartment Floor Plans Do Yourself

As with any other home design project, you’ll want to start by doing some research on the different styles of garage apartments available, as well as which type would best fit your needs. Garage apartments may be laid out with one or more rooms that include a living room/bedroom/kitchenette with storage space and an additional bathroom or half-bath.

The important thing before doing yourself garage apartment floor plans is to consider your family’s lifestyle. If you are someone who spends most of their time at home, then a studio-style apartment may be ideal.

However, if you are frequently out and about with friends or business associates, perhaps one with two bathrooms would be better so that you can have some privacy when choosing whether to socialize or rest.

24×24 Garage Apartment Floor Plans

This floor plan for a 24×24 garage apartment is a great example of a simple, clean design. There’s a ton of natural light coming in through the large windows and the neutral colors keep it from feeling cluttered or overwhelming.

The sleek kitchen features a double sink and plenty of counter space for food preparation and there’s even enough room for a small dining area.

If you have a washer and dryer, it will fit right in the tiny utility closet. Other accessories like a small loveseat or accent table can be added to complete the furnishing of this 24×24 garage apartment plan.

This floor plan is laid out so that you enter either from inside your house or from outside through the attached garage. This design is ideal for people who have a personal room within their house and don’t want to maintain separate housing costs.

24x24 Garage Apartment Floor Plans
24×24 Garage Apartment Floor Plans. Image:

Shop Apartment Floor Plans

If you’re looking for a space that has more of a shop-like feel, then this 25×30 floor plan might be your answer. Shop apartment floor plans usually have a very open layout and tend to be the least expensive to build yet still very functional.

In this design, you can easily fit a work table, shelving unit for storage, and any other tools or equipment that you’ll need as well as all of your automotive accessories.

This type of garage apartment floor plan is perfect for someone who loves to work on their car but doesn’t have the space within their house for these activities.

Shop Apartment Floor Plans

Gambrel Garage with Apartment Floor Plans

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose floor plan, then this gambrel garage and apartment design might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. It’s also one of the most creative and innovative designs that we’ve seen yet.

The gambrel design is great for people who want to use the garage for parking but want easy access to their apartment floor plan as well. Inside you’ll find three garages, two closets, and a laundry room all accessible from exterior doors.

The sleeping quarters are spacious and there’s even a small sitting area and kitchenette where you can enjoy a nice breakfast as the sun rises over your garage.

Gambrel Garage with Apartment Floor Plans

3 Car Garage Apartment Floor Plans

If you’re fortunate enough to have three cars, then this floor plan might be just what you’ve been searching for. This is another example of an innovative design that helps people who may not have the ideal living situation find a way to easily manage their space.

In this plan, there’s one large garage at the front of the house and two additional garages below the living area which is accessed from inside.

This type of design keeps everything out of sight, even if you decide to use your garage for storage or other activities. This spacious three-car garage apartment floor plan includes a laundry area, two closets, and plenty of room for storage.

In conclusion: Garage apartments are great alternatives to renting out an apartment within a building because it’s cheaper to build these spaces from scratch than to pay rent on an existing unit. There is a wide variety of different designs available, depending on the individual’s needs and goals.

So if you’re looking for a multifunctional space within your home, then consider adding a garage apartment! It provides efficient use of space without requiring too much work.

3 Car Garage Apartment Floor Plans

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