For some home owners, garage can be the most important place, even more than their main house. Hence, they are willing to take a serious care about their garage. One of the most important things to take care about is the garage lighting. Many home owners don’t hesitate to spend more on their garage than on their main house. In case you’re that type of home owners, here are some best garage lighting features that may interest you.


1. High Bay Light Fixture (Hyperikon LED)

If you aren’t new in garage lighting, you must have known about Hyperikon brand. This brand is well known for garage lighting. For this newest product of Hyperikon brand, it’s safe to say that this Hyperikon LED High Bay Light Fixture is a top option for garage lighting compared to other areas. This series is also considerably one of the most trusted products with great lighting performance.

There are surely many features you can get from this Hyperikon product. Its LED technology is supported by 135 lumen for each watt. It’s arguably the reason why this product is sensationally bright yet energy saving. You won’t have to worry about maintenance since this product comes with good life guarantee that will easily reduce our expenses for maintenance.

Furthermore, this very product also provides a motion sensor, which will conveniently ensure that it will light up anytime you go to your garage. The lights will dim after 1 minute the motion detects any activity up to 80 feet range. This product is arguably durable since it’s made of lightweight aluminum which is one of the reasons why this product will deliver garage lighting.

That’s why this Hyperikon LED High Bay Light Fixture is easy to install by mounting it on its surface or simply using chains since they are included as well. They only minor disadvantage is this product doesn’t come with plug end and the LED bulbs aren’t replaceable since they are designed to be hardwired. However, this product is greatly suggested overall.

GARAGE High Bay Light Fixture (Hyperikon LED)

2. LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light

In case you have small-sized garage, this product might be your ideal option. At 40 watt, LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light might be low on power but its output provides of total 4.100 lumens and temperature of 5.000k in a daylight time. This such of power is similar to any natural light sources. In case you want any lower temperature, you can go for the 4.000k option which offers cooler light.

LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light comes with easy installation since you only need to mount it in any position you want or simply hang it with the included chains but make sure you find a spot with the nearest outlet to make it easier to plug the power. This product also comes with a pull cord for switch off and on option. Hence, you have to make sure that you can get to the plug switch easily when it’s dark.

Moreover, this LED product is linkable up to four features. It’s definitely a boost for any home owners who have few power outlets. For some home owners, this product can be the best option, but if you want to go for LED product that can work well with your electrical system, you should look for other options. LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light isn’t really meant to that specification.

LeonLite 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light for garage

3. Utility Shop Light (Hyperikon LED)

As one of the best LED lights developers and providers with high quality products, Hyperikon is never fail to satisfy home owners. This is another Hyperikon product that’s worth a look. This particular series will fit both commercial and residential use that can deliver in your garage. That’s the first reason why this is the best LED lighting for any garage.

Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light is a well-qualified DLC product and provides 3.800 lumens which is unbelievably bright. On daylight, its temperature reaches 4.000k. However, this product is considerably energy efficient since it only consumes 35 watt, compared to any fluorescent tubes that can consume up to 100 watt. With proper maintenance, it’s fair to say that it probably takes you twenty years to replace it with the new one since it has excellent lifespan with daily use at more or less six hours.

If you take a close look at the design, it comes with a little piece of steel, rugged to make the product more durable. Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light is easy enough to install the LED since it comes with comprehensive manual. It’s safe to say that anyone can fix it in the garage. Overall, Hyperikon LED Utility Shop Light is one of the best Hyperikon products that will give high quality lights and always deliver.

Garage Utility Shop Light (Hyperikon LED)

4. LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture (LED Lighting Technology)

Another product that’s worth to consider is LED Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture. Designed with the super bright lightings guarantee, this product will ensure you that it’s energy efficient. That’s one of the reasons why this LED doesn’t require maintenance costs, virtually. Not only that the product is consistent in producing white glowing lights, this LED also has a good life. On daylight its temperature reaches 5.000k, yet it only consumes 36 watt of power.

This LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture comes with a customer supplied power cord and mounting brackets for its installation. The lighting system itself will be well protected by the hard wire fixtures. The installation itself is considerably easy since you can simply mount the LED directly or simply hang it using the included wires. Using small gauge to make the connection, you may find it quicker to install it using wires, like most of home owners do with this product.

However, this LED doesn’t come with dimmable fixture and any bulbs since they are unnecessary with the design. Even so, this Lighting Technology LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture is definitely brighter than ant fluorescent bulbs. That’s one of the reasons why this product has good value for your money.

LED Garage Vapor Proof Fixture (LED Lighting Technology)

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