Top 5 One Car Garage Studio Apartment You Will Love

Adding a studio apartment in your one car garage is probably one of the finest ideas. Such place is often titled as the granny flats or in laws suite, but many people often rent it out too when vacant to lighten the mortgage. These one car garage studio apartment plans are budget friendly, but oh so cool. Check these out!

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1. Petite Modern Unit

The footprint of this garage is actually small and simple, but somehow, it makes a very attractive appeal at the same time. It is small but its modern style gives it a grand and exclusive look, offering style on its curb.

Petite modern unit plan

The ground level is the garage of course, and it houses one car only comfortably. The garage door at the front will provide easy access in and out but you can always get in from the side door to before taking out the car. Surely, there is still enough space for additional storage as well if you want to add it in here.

Petite modern unit plan garage

On the right side, we should find an exterior stairway leading to the upper level. This upper level is the vaulted studio apartment, which means it has its own entry and it is also spacious enough. The apartment boats enough to cater your guests’ needs.

Petite modern unit plan studio

It has a large space that should function as a living/dining area as well as where they will sleep, a spacious closet right next to the door, a full bath with shower and washer/dryer area, a kitchenette, and a desk. All of these are looking out through the large windows for view.  

2. Garage, Apartment, Patio, and Even More

This one car garage looks simple and small but it really has more than we can expect. In its small footprints, the one car garage actually features a home office or a working space at the back. The accesses are many too. The garage can be accessed from the front door surely. But a side door that can lead to the home office can access the garage too from the back.

On the right side, there is an exterior stairway with a closed entry. It is very private and secure that your guest will love it. The stairway leads to the upper level which is the studio apartment. This apartment isn’t as large as the ground level, but it already has everything.

Garage apartment workshop

 After climbing the stairs, you will find a spacious room that functions as the living room as well as where the bedroom will be. The room is completed with a kitchenette, a small one, a washing and drying space, a spacious closet, and a full bath.

Garage kitchen living room

As a guest house, this unit is more than enough. It is private and it has everything in it. Sure, you will earn even more by engaging renters whenever this unit is vacant.

3. Contemporary Unit with a View

This garage has a great appeal from being modern and contemporary. The exterior is probably small but it is actually really gorgeous and stylish at the same time. This unit will look like a heaven for young and modern people.

The garage houses one car comfortably, and it still offers more space for storage at the back. You can enter the garage from the front garage door, a side door leading straight to the back part, and through the upper level entry. So if you come down from the upper level, you can always head to garage first without getting out the unit.

Garage floor plans

On the left side, there is an entry with a door and a stairway. As mentioned before, this entry can access the garage. The stairway leads to the studio apartment upstairs. As you enter the apartment, you will find a full bath and a bedroom with a closet.

Garage apartment plans with bedroom

Walking down the hall, there is a large space that boats a small walk-in kitchen, and dining area, as well as a living room. This living room and dining area are set near to a door leading to the balcony where guests can enjoy the view.  

4. A Flex Over the Garage

This garage offers a little layout than the others. Your garage door can be at the front or the side because this unit as another attractive face. Featuring a garage door, it is also accessible from the sliding door at the other wall. This door is on covered porch where you can add seats and more for outdoor leisure.

At the back, you will find a small storage as well as a stairway that leads you to the upper level apartment. This stairway can be accessed through an interior door and an exterior door next to it. Climbing the stairs, you will reach the flex.

Garage plans with porch

This flex or studio apartment boasts a large space that can be used as a living/dining area, and a bedroom. Meanwhile against the wall, this apartment is also completed with a bath and a small kitchenette. It has everything to house your guests or visiting relatives comfortably.

Garage apartment with balcony plans

The large space is facing out the large windows and large door. This door leads to the exterior balcony that covers the porch below. This place allows anyone to enjoy the fresh air and the view.  It isn’t only practical and nice, but it is a completely wonderful unit.

5. 1 Car Garage and Apartment with a Private Entry

The garage can be small, but looking at the curb, it is very nice and gorgeous at the same time. The size actually comes in handy because you can even enrich the curb appeal with greeneries too, making it even more welcoming.

One car garage studio apartment

The garage is a simple standard garage that houses one car comfortably. There is still some space at the back, and it can be used as a little workshop and maybe some storage too. This garage also has an interior door accessing the apartment entry. So your guests can always come down and head to the garage for the car without really getting out.

One car garage studio apartment plan

On the side, there is a covered entry which is a nice touch on this unit, and it leads to the stairway. This stairway takes you to the upper level studio apartment that is nicely divided into several areas.

One car garage studio apartment plans

Getting into the apartment, you will enter the kitchen and a small living area. There is a full bath on this area too and a closet. Facing the front part, there is a small bathroom with a closet and windows offering the view.  

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