Those who own a garage know how important it is to have the garage door opener work properly. If it cannot open or close, they will spend extra minutes to force the garage door opener. This method might work for emergency situation, but something has to be done to fix this problem. The problem is whether the house owners know the steps to reset the garage door opener.


1. Operating Garage Door Openers

Before you learn about the steps, you need to know that garage door openers have been around for several years. Thus, there is no general instruction that could be used to fix the item. First of all, you must track the production year. Then, find some information about how the machine operates. It would be helpful if you still keep the manual book.

Based on the time production, you could group the garage door openers into two categories: the older types and the newer types. The older opener works use DIP switches combined with radio frequencies. It might sound complicated compared to more modern machine, but in the past the opener is considered superb.

The newer type is operated using the wireless technology or WiFi. There is less cable installed to the ceiling and you could press remote control to open and close the garage. To check whether you own the old or new model, look at the back of the garage opener. The newer type has “learn” or “home” button. If you could only see switch, then you have an old opener.

2. Reasons to Program Garage Door Opener

Believe it or not, many people think that technology such as garage door opener needs no reprogramming. In the other words, the initial installation is enough for a lifetime convenience. In most cases, this is not the issue. There are several reasons why you need to reset the garage door. If you ignore these conditions, you might face a terrible consequence.

The first reason is better security. Remember that the garage opener will work with a single button press. The signal could be recorded using special tools. Then, your passwords for home security, garage door opener and many other automatic devices will be traced easily. Without doubt, the thief would be happy to break into your house with all information on their hands.

The second reason is accidental causes. Some of them are power outage, new remote or lost key. A new remote also means a new garage opener. It is possible to use the same password, but you need to input the data from the beginning. For power outage, it momentarily resets the system because of sudden power lost. Again, you need to set the password and other settings.


3. Older Machine

Thanks to the simple observation system mentioned previously, you now know that you have old garage opener installed in the garage. On the back of the machine, you find plenty of switches. Usually, the number of the switch is ranging from 9 to 12. It is also possible that some other models have less or more switches. Note that these switches are also found on the remote.

Bring a ladder with you and climb until you could see the switch clearly. You might need to open the cover before the switches are accessible. Then, you will see that the switch creates certain pattern: memorize it or take a picture with your phone. If you want to change the code, then adjust the switch. Climb down and check the pattern on the remote. Make sure the pattern on the remote and on the garage motor is similar.

4. Newer Machine

Unlike the old machine, more recent garage opener utilizes frequency. The technology could be active in local area only, indicating that the system incorporates short wave tool. Another option is a garage opener that connects to the internet. The machine starts its engine after receiving command from Wi-fi connection or specific application.

To reset this new model, you still need a ladder. Climb on the steps and stop only when you could see the back of machine thoroughly. Locate this button: “home” or “learn” and hold it for six seconds. The light on its side will go off. By doing this, you already reset all the password and settings. Note that the button might be too small to be reached by a finger. In this case, use a pen to help.

Some garage door opener is connected to several other devices such as remote, phone and tablets. In this case, your work is not over. The first six second press is aimed to reset the program in the machine only. Wait for 20 seconds then press the button again. The duration is similar: 6 seconds or until the lights next to the button doesn’t blink anymore. Now all the connection has been cut properly.


5. Resetting After Losing Power

Power outage could happen anytime, but usually it occurs when the weather is bad. The sudden electricity lost shocks the system in garage door opener. To be safe, the manufacturer usually installs an automated switch. This is why you could only use manual method to open or close the door. To put the machine back to work, you need to reset it.

Find the emergency rope to release the power of the opener. Then, pull it to prevent any sudden electricity flow to the trolley. Now you could pull open the garage door. Make sure you have properly open it. Bring the remote and press “start”; the garage door should be pulled down.

6. Resetting After Pulling Power Cord

There might be a case where you cannot connect the door to the automated opener machine. The first solution that comes to mind is pulling the power cord. If the problem is not fixed, you need to take another measurement: resetting the machine.

When you pull the cord, check if the cable is on the right track. If the position is tilted or strayed from the track, re-arrange the cable. You also want to check the sensor: does it work properly? After everything has been put into place, hit the door button. The garage opener works well now!

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