The day is so tiring and what you need to do right after you arrive home is taking a rest. However, it turns out you need to spend extra energy after knowing that your remote to garage door opener is not working. Well, it is a normal issue since it is considered as one entrance that many family uses. This will be the right time to cross check what is actually going on with it.


Why Garage Door Remote Not Working?

The reasons can be many things; either it does not open as it is prompted or it struggles hard to operate normally. As the owners of the house, you are suggested to understand everything inside your house, including the reasons why your garage door does not open while you are already pressing the remote control. Knowing the reasons will ease you to solve the problem later on in a proper way.

Usually, the problem that either the opener or garage door remote has is minor case. You can solve it by yourself by following the instructions that will be provided below.

However, you might find some serious issues that you might never think before. Simply call the right technician and he knows what he needs to do to make them work normal again. When you face this problem, you might identify the problem you have with these five common issues that your remote and opener has.

1. Sometimes, The Problem is Soft. Your Remote Batteries Are Running Out of Energy. Change It and It’s All Done.

Everyone, including you, might find this problem stressful and you might not want to involve in solving the problem. Instantly, you would call those professionals of local garage door repair to solve the problem for you. However, the problem is not always that complicated if you would like to give some effort.

Your opener remote works with the battery, and as you know the energy will not last for a long time. Do you even remember when the last time you changed the batteries was? Typically, the batteries of your garage door remote can last for about two years before it needs to be replaced with the new one. If you find the garage door opener remote suddenly stopped working to send the command to your door, try to consider about battery’s health first before you call professionals.

Easy way to check the condition of your battery is by using the wall-mounted control panel to control the door. If it responds as you use the wall-mounted control, the batteries are definitely the problem of this case.


2. There Might Be Something Wrong with Remote Signal. It Might be Disrupted.

If you have tried to replace the battery of your remote with the new one and still the door does not respond, there might be another reason. The signal between the opener transmitter and the remote might be disrupted. If this is the case, rather than solving it by yourself who has fewer ideas about it, you should call professionals to solve this problem for you.

This issue can be caused by two common issues related with signal interruption. First, the remote that you use is out of range, so the transmitter cannot receive it. Second, there is damage inside your opener receiving antennae.

20 feet is the maximum distance for your transmitter to accept the command from the remote. Therefore, for the first case, try to stand around 20 feet from your garage door and press the button. If it works, it means the first case is not the problem. Instead, the second one is. Check the opener’s antennae.

Make sure there is no any excess debris buildup that blocks the antennae to get the command from the remote. If you find the antennae broken, you should call professionals to diagnose the real problem and help you solving it.

3. You Might Accidently Engage The Lock Button. Simply Disengage It to Solve the Problem.

Following the first issue, this issue is one of simple issues you might have when you have a problem on your remote and opener. When you have your daily activities, you might accidentally press the button on your remote, and as a result, you engage the lock button that is installed on the garage door’s wall that mounted control panel. You might not realize it, so you should check it first.

If this is the issue you are facing, you can solve it by yourself. Press the lock button on your remote to disengage the door lock. After you finish doing it, try to press open button on your remote to test the door’s operations. It is supposed to work normal again as what it should be.


4. You Need to Reprogram the Remote. No Technician is Needed. You Can Do It.

As the thing that you and your family use daily, sometimes, there can be a disruption in the signal between the remote and opener. As a result, you need to re associate it, so it can work normally again. Rather than calling the technician, you are suggested to do it by yourself. It will not take much effort of yours to do it.

These are steps you have to do to reprogram the garage door remote. First, locate the learn button on your opener’s then press it. Wait for 30 seconds, then you may continue to the next step by holding the button on your remote for around three seconds or wait until the light on your garage door opener flash or there is a blink on your LED light’s opener, and that’s how you do the reprogram for you remote.

After you are done with the reprogram steps, you would better recheck it by using the remote to control the door, both open and close, to consider whether the reprogram works or not. If it still does not work, repeat the reprogram steps. There might be steps you have missed, so it turns out not as what you expect it to be.


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