Garage is part of the house with high functionality. It keeps the vehicle safe and protected from harsh weather. It is also part of house exterior. For all these reasons, you should be careful and selective while choosing a design for garage door. Try the farmhouse ideas for classic and elegant look!



Elements of Farmhouse Door

Before you decide to apply farmhouse style to your house, there are several ideal elements for this look. Even though modern design could bend some of these ideals, the overall farmhouse door has at least one of them.

1. Windows

Most farmhouse garage door won’t miss the windows. It provides natural lights from the inside, creating warm and rustic image to your house. The windows are usually installed on the upper part of the door, almost touching the above wall.

2. Wood Element

It is a farmhouse style. You must have a touch of wood element in it. This could be done by using real wood. Most people will use wide planks, as it is easier to work with. You might want to build a barn board, too.

3. Painted

When you buy ready-to-use door, they already have finishing layer. The beauty of farmhouse garage door is its painted finishing, allowing you to match the overall look. You could even go with contrastive color.


4. Rustic to Dark Tone

Taking the farmhouse style is basically going back to nature. Since the main element is earth, it is best to have two tone doors. You could pick any color from rustic hue to darker tone. If you want more effect, try the weathered pattern.

5. Insulated

This is a benefit that you cannot get from any garage door. Farmhouse style allows you to adjust the materials, so the insulation could be attached properly. You don’t have to cross insulation installation just for the sake of beautiful look.


Implemented Farmhouse Look

Do you have any ideas for your farmhouse garage door yet? If the ideas are not coming up yet, you might want to look at the following inspirations.

1. Clean Carriage

What could describe “clean” better than white paint? If your house also has white theme, then it is a perfect match. The garage has white paint finish, even the roof braces. If you look at it, the door has contrast color to the pavements and the roofs but provides continuity to the house body.

To add a little elegance, you could install black hardware. Make sure to pick door material that includes insulation. Never sacrifices the comfort for the look only. One more thing: check the material used for the door. Barnyard door is not always made from wood only. It could also be made from steel.


IMAGE: coachman collection

2. Spanish Touch

Do you love Spanish architecture? Then you could copy their styles for your garage door. To get this look, you need to create curved doors from vertical woods. Don’t forget to paint it brown or dark brown. Matte finishing is the best for Spanish style. Glossy paint will be too flashy for Spanish taste.

There will be no windows on this garage door. Elevate its charm by installing wrought iron handles and hinges. Place them horizontally to highlight their statement on the door. Make the door vocal point by painting the surrounding walls with pastel tone such as cream or broken white.

3. Natural Wood

You could never go wrong with real wood. It is the renewable sources and always gives classic vibe. As mentioned above, you could experiment with the door material. If you happen to get good price for recycled fence, why not use it for your garage?

Don’t back up just because the color doesn’t look pretty. Tone difference on your wood fence shows how they are collected periodically. If you insist on unison color, then just paint the surface. For even better image, you could make the door with square windows. Don’t forget the insulation panel to make your garage more comfortable.

4. Warm Palette

Are you a fan of pastel color? You could still pick the farmhouse look without worrying about the tone. Ignore the wood element from farmhouse. Focus on providing windows instead. You could reduce the percentage of wood materials up to 60%. In the other words, you only have the frame, while the empty space is filled with fiberglass or any other materials.

You could level up its elegance by creating curved door. It is also possible to add statement by installing black handle and some hinges on the top and bottom. Make sure your door complements the overall palette of the house. Also, pay attention to the light bulb installed inside the garage.

5. Contrast Charm

What could compliment wood but still scream “farmhouse”? The answer is no other than bricks and stones. Some people build new houses with old fashioned look in mind. They start with light colored stones for the walls. When they move to garage door, choosing similar tone will create white-washed look instead of cozy farmhouse.

One solution to this problem is giving contrasting paint. They choose clay material that could replace natural wood details. The product is sturdy and could last longer than the actual wood. Then, they apply the two tones rules. They paint the door with darker tone to match the roof.


6. Customized Door Style

In some areas, garage area is located in the first floor. There is second floor right above it. With this setting, it is impossible to ignore the garage building from the road. People often make second floor an open space or simply add windows and treat it like an attic. Either way, the garage below should function as the eye candy of the building.

If the recent farmhouse ideas are too plain for you, then create your very own customized door. Instead of smooth cut with an X in the middle, you could try to create stacked blocks, each has similar patterns. Since the door is already stylish, you don’t need any other decorations. If you want, you could add sconces lights on both sides.

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