Keeping your garage indoor temperature will matter a lot, especially when you spend a lot of time in it. The temperature will remain similar to the outdoor, but keeping the air flows will keep it from being over heated. Installing the best exhaust fan near to the ceiling will be effective, specifically if you use one of these fans:

1. HIFANXEXHAUST12CTB 12 inch Variable Shutter Exhaust Fan by iPower

The size makes this fan a perfect option for your garage. In alternative, it should cool your chicken coop as well as your greenhouse or attic. It is easy to attach. You can fit it in the wall or in your existing window.

The plug is three grounded and it comes with sufficient wire that you don’t need to add more. You can adjust the speed from low to medium or high, and it requires 63 W 120 volt power to turn it on. With a lot of positive reviews, this $66.01 fan is a steal.

HIFANXEXHAUST12CTB 12 inch Variable Shutter Exhaust Fan for Garage by iPower

2. 12 inch Exhaust Fan Wall Mounted by JPower

This fan also has the usual size but the material is pretty nice, especially for the price. The shutter and fan blades are made of aluminum to make sure it has enough longevity with no rust issues. It can be added to the pre prepared wall or window opening, and it should be completed with thermostat.

With standard power need, 63W 120 volt, this fan makes a great replacement for your air conditioner. You need to spend around $59.77 per set for this.

12 inch Exhaust Fan Wall Mounted by JPower

3. ILG8SF12V 12 inches by iLiving

This brand releases several sizes for this fan, and it is quite nice to consider. The good grade aluminum material makes it durable with minimal corrosion issue. It will be best to attach it on your wall as vent fan, and you may want to purchase speed controller sold separately too.

The durability is really well while many customers like the way it effectively reduce their air conditioning bills. It fits well for almost all rooms including shed and coops. It is around $58.51 per set and the speed controller isn’t included in this price.

ILG8SF12V 12 inches Exhaust fan for garage by iLiving

4. 10” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

This exhaust fan is even smaller comparing to the previous option. However, it is just as powerful as that one. This fan can be used on all rooms as well, but it will be best to use it on smaller rooms instead. It also comes with weather resistant design to survive heat and moisture longer.

Speed controller is still offered separately, but adding this controller will improve the effectiveness of the fan. It costs around $69.56 per set.

10” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

5. 20” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

This is even bigger than the previous two models. It carries similar functions and plus points. The shutter is already automatic. It serves longer than you expect due to the fact that the motor is always lubricated and thermally protected.

This fan costs $169.99 per set and it makes a perfect fan for almost all rooms, from garage to your greenhouse. Speed is variable but you need to complete it with controller sold separately to modify the speed, which is a little annoying for several customers who expect complete set for larger size.

20” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

6. L300 High Capacity Ventilator Fan by Broan-Nu Tone

This fan can cool up to 300 cubic feet per minute, so yes it is a heavy duty one. This fan is powerful and effective with low power usage, which will be appreciated when it comes to the bills. It will be flexible as well as you can set it in line with adapter, horizontal, or even vertical. So, set up as you need to.

This costs $127.58 per item, and this can be considered one of the best prices in market today. With so many commercial buildings use this today, it must be a very reliable one. 

L300 High Capacity Ventilator Exhaust Fan by Broan-Nu Tone

7. 24” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

If you need even bigger exhaust for your building, this can be an answer. This fan alone can cool down and ventilate up to 4,244 cubic feet, and it is per minute. This powerful work only requires 120 volts of power in standard setting.

Controller should be purchase as it isn’t included on the set. In addition to it, the material is best for heavy duty and it is totally weather resistant. It should serve you years from now after $232.34 investment.  

24” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

8. 12 inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Aluminum by iPower

Cost only $62.98 per item, this small exhaust fan makes a perfect fit for your smaller rooms. You can combine several of this for larger area though. What makes it special is the speed. The speed is 1,620 rpm with only standard 60W 120 volts power consumption.

Its small size doesn’t make it a less powerful one. Made of aluminum, this fan is also completed with automatic shutter and durable design. It can be added on your window or wall opening easily.

12 inch Shutter Exhaust Fan Aluminum by iPower

9. 16” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

Don’t be fooled by its moderate size. This exhaust fan is powerful. Per minute, it is effective enough to ventilate and cool down 1,200 cubic feet. Consuming only standard power, this fan can rotate up to 1,580 rotation in each minute!

It can be added to your wall or window opening in almost any room you want it to be. Initial investment should cost you around $109.77 per item, which is a considerable price for such effectiveness.

16” Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan by iLiving

10. HIFANXEXHAUST12CTB 12 inch Exhaust Fan by iPower

The shutter is variable, but this isn’t the only special things on this item. Controller is already included on the set, allowing you to change the fan speed from low to medium or high using only one switch.

It costs around $66.01 and it is already completed with wire kit to make sure easy installation. Wire connector and instructions is added as well. Considering to other brands and types, this one is a practical option to consider.

HIFANXEXHAUST12CTB 12 inch Exhaust Fan by iPower

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