Deciding detail like this for your home can be tough and tricky. The ideal driveway dimensions we are talking about here will depends on a few factors like what kind of cars are getting inside the garage. Of course there is a recommended number to consider, but you may want to know these too.


The Ideal Dimension

The ideal dimension actually depends on a few factors like, how many cars need to get inside, if it is front or side entry, and if the cars will need to make turn. Logically, the house owner will already have the entire answers for these factors in mind.

For a front entry garage, you don’t need as much space as the side entry garage. 10 feet by 18 feet is already a good length for your driveway. This much space is possible because your cars logically won’t need to make turn as well. This dimension is already an idea size for easy in and out of your garage.

However, it is a little different for a side entry. You will need at least 30 feet for the length alone and it works best on two cars only. If you have more cars to think about, consider adding the length. Meanwhile for the width, it needs to be adjusted as the amount of cars you want to park inside your garage.


Provide More Space for Side Entry Way

As mentioned above, side entry garage will need more space, and there are logical reasons for this too.

First, side entry doesn’t provide the privilege to easily pull your car in and out with steady straight wheels. Your car will need to make a turn, and it takes space to make it possible to do. Considering that our cars can’t make a 90° turn so smoothly, we need to provide extra space to be able to do it.

Second, you may also want to consider the desired position of parking. If you want to park your cars facing the outdoor so pulling out your cars will be done in dash, you may need to make an even extra turn to make it happens.

In sum, side entry actually requires you to provide additional space for maneuvering. It needs to be wide and vast enough so you don’t hit any part of the house with your car. It makes sure a new driver in the family doesn’t get into too much trouble too.


Side Entry Garage Minimum Limit

Yes, there is a minimum limit for a side entry garage dimension. You need a backup space where you will maneuver, and it needs to be 24 feet at the least. This number will work on standard size garage, which is a two-car garage. The width will depend but 18 feet wide should be good enough on this garage too.

Of course, if you have only one car, the space you need will be even less than that. For a one-car garage, you still need the same size of small backup space. However for the width, it is highly recommended to make it at least 14 feet or 16 feet for better.

Even though many houses are completed with 12 feet wide side entry for their one-car garage, and this is a risky plan. In this dimension, your car tends to get into accidents and maneuver can be really hard as well. Unless your car can make a sharp turning, this scenario is to avoid actually.


Other Factors That Affect Your Garage Entry Dimension

So far, we have several factors to consider while determining the ideal dimension of your garage entry. The factors include the entry position, the number of the cars, as well as the turn to make while maneuvering. While these three factors are major, there is still one more factor that may affect.

The size of your cars actually matters. If you own a compact car, the dimension of the entry shouldn’t be as much. Why? It is because the maneuvering won’t take so much space with a compact car, so the length of the entry can be reduced a little. Of course, the case will be totally different with a bigger car like an SUV or a truck.

To make sure that you get the right measurement and get the ideal dimension of the garage entry, always put your car or cars sizes into consideration. Several house owners even try to make the maneuver for exact measurement. This way, your garage entry, both front and side, will be spacious enough.


Extra Guide for the Side Entry Garage

According to the pros like those working on the pavement, side entry garage always needs more space than the front entry one. However, the number between houses with side entry garages can be different and even changed. Mostly, it is affected by the house layout as well.

Despite the various factors that affect the number, the following points will be important for house owners to know:

1. One Car Side Entry

One car doesn’t need a lot of space, but you still need at least 18 feet long, but 20 feet will be best. This length will be ideal to be paired with 30 feet width in a standard entry way layout.

2. Two Car Side Entry

More cars also mean more space needed. With the same standard layout of the side entry way, you will need at least 25 feet for the length. As for the width, you will need the same 30 feet space.

3. Even More Extra Space

While deciding for the ideal dimension, it is always suggested to give an extra space anyway. It gives you comfort in pulling in and out the car. In addition to it, it is safer and easier for new driver to access the garage as well.

4. For Bus Owner

Side entry garage isn’t recommended for bus. It will be hard and really challenging to maneuver the vehicle. Instead of side entry, it is recommended to get a large lot or circular drive way instead.

Use the tips above to determine your ideal garage entry dimension. Add in your personal needs, and preferences as well so it is perfect for your routine.


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