Pole Barn Garage with Apartment 101: All Stuffs You Must Know

Pole barn garage with apartment can be an excellent idea if you want to add a detached unit for a guest house or a renting unit. In addition to it, it has been a popular type of building people like to have for a retreat. Let’s dig deeper to know more.

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Why People Love This Building

It is basically a garage in a pole barn style and it is enhanced with a living quarter which can be added above or at the same level of the garage. A garage with a living quarter option is often described as a guest house, granny flat, and even in-laws living. So what makes this one different?

Of course, it has the pole barn style. This style is preferred by many who prefer for some freedom in building with less hustle in construction as well. This garage doesn’t use the traditional building foundation but several wooden poles set in several points to support the entire building.

Building one isn’t so simple but it is a lot less complicated than the usual garage. However, it has its reliable strength when built appropriately, which is like a dream comes true. 

People like this type of unit because of the benefits they can gain from it. The benefits are, among others:

1. Few Restrictions for This Type of Building

It is true. There are only a few codes addressed to rule this kind of building, including one without garage and only a house. Even if you find any restrictions in your state, it will be small and almost logically reached anyway.

It also means that while you are building this, you have more freedom to address what you need and what you want it to be. This possibility applies without you risking in breaking codes or restrictions at all.

2. Compact and Practical

One of the best things about pole barn garage with an apartment is that it is going to be a compact building no matter how large you build. It doesn’t require so much land to build as you will need in building a house in the same size.

In addition to it, the living quarter and garage will at the same spot which is practical and easy to work on for everyone. If you plan to build this for a vacation house, it will make you and your family even more comfortable with easy accesses are just in the corner.

3. Budget Friendly Building

This is probably the first reason why people come to think of building this kind of garage and apartment. They want to build something economical with ultimate benefit while living in it.

The fact that a pole barn garage with apartment doesn’t use the usual foundation, all the building budget reduces significantly. It is something that people with budget will really welcomed. Finally, building a nice living unit doesn’t have to be so expensive.

4. Flexibility

You may hesitate a little learning that the foundation will be wooden poles, but it is surprisingly never an issue. In reality, pole barn houses and pole barn garage with living quarters are built strong enough.

You can have a garage with a small or large apartment. You can have a deck upstairs. You can have a covered porch too. Flexibility is actually within your reach and is far from impossibility.

5. Environmentally Friendly

The material commonly used for this kind of building is made of repurposed and salvaged items. It means environmental footprints of this building are a lot lesser than the rest. In addition to it, given to the fact that it is easier to build, there will be less material trucks coming in and out, which is good.

A Few Plan You May Love to Build

Now that you get the idea why a pole barn garage with a living quarter option like an apartment is highly popular, you may want to look at several plans. Among so many out there, these plans deserve your attention:

3 Br Apartment Over the Pole Barn Style Garage

This is a three cars garage with one of them is deep enough for an RV. At the back, there is a room that can be used as a workshop, a woodworking space, or storage that can be accessed from interior doors and from a back door. In the middle, there is a stairway leading to the upper level.

3 Br Apartment Over the Pole Barn Style Garage

The upper level is a large apartment that boats two bedrooms and one master bedroom, a master bath and one shared bathroom, a small office, a laundry, living room, dining area, and a kitchen. On the right, you can access the outdoor deck for a little fresh air and a view.

Pole barn upper level floor plan
Pole Barn garage level floor plan

A Garage, Boat Storage, and Apartment

Garage boat storage and apartment

The garage level of this unit is pretty long with a lot of space to use. A half of the ground level is used as an ordinary garage. Meanwhile, the other half is used as storage space and one boat storage with a utility corner is added comfortably. In this part, there is a stairway in the middle, taking you to the upstairs apartment.

Pole barn garage apartment level floor plans

The apartment nicely boats two bedrooms on the sides of the office, a master bedroom with private bath and walk in closet, a shared bathroom, a kitchen and a dining area, and a great room that serves as a living room.

Upper level floor plan

2 Car Garage, a Workshop, and an Apartment

This garage can houses two cars nicely and you still have a little space at the back you can use as additional storage if you want to. This space has an interior door leading to the workshop on the other side. This workshop has a covered patio exterior, a half bath, and a stairway to the upstairs unit.

2 car garage workshop and apartment

The upstairs is an apartment with all you need. The living room is spacious enough, and the walk-in kitchen is completed with a dining area. It also has a master bedroom with a big closet and laundry area, and it is linked to the shared full bath with double sinks.

Garage shop floor plan
2 car garage apartment upper plans

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