Awesome Construction of 2 Car Garage With Upstairs Apartment

Construction of 2 Car Garage With Upstairs Apartment, an upstairs garage apartment is basically an adjoining unit (ADU) that includes a garage next to or above the garage. This type of unit allows homeowners to store their belongings in one room and to accommodate guests in another.

Parents or older children are given more space to store them in Two Car Garage With Upstairs Apartment. Family Home Plans has its own entrance, Bathroom We offer a unique garage layout with heated living area with bedroom and kitchen area.

You can use our plans to build a brand new unit or add extra living space to your existing property. In addition, All of our garage plans with apartments are available on one and two floors; It is based on your preferences.

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2 Car Garage With Upstairs Apartment
2 Car Garage With Upstairs Apartment

What Is A Two Car Garage? 

A two car garage is just a garage that was made for two cars. As you’ll read more about later, a standard two-car garage is actually a little less than twice as big as a one-car garage. This is because the door sizes matter.

You need to add the two separate door sizes together while clearing just a couple of feet around the perimeter. This ends up being around 18ftx20ft, though it is rarely smaller, it can be quite a bit bigger. 

When you add in the room for recreation, it’s a lot bigger. Oftentimes, two-car garages are used as one-car garages with a workshop or exercise room attached. So that way, you have approximately 180sqft of room for recreation. 

  • What Is The Standard Height For A Two-Car Garage?

The standard height for a garage is eight feet. But the minimum height is around seven feet. Any shorter than this and you will not only struggle to have enough height in the garage but you’ll struggle to fit a door.

  • What Is A Good Height For A Garage Door?

Now it is down to the size of the garage door itself. The height for most garage doors is seven feet as well. But there are a few that are shorter than this. It all depends on the size of your garage and how much headroom you need. 

  • What Is The Standard Garage Size?

Because over 60% of all housing units have a garage or carport, it’s easy to see why knowing the average garage door size is so important. After all, resident-owned homes have a garage 80% of the time. 

The reason why the garage door is more important than the garage size itself is that your car needs to fit through the door comfortably. A tight fit is just asking for issues and scratches on your vehicles. 

  • How Much Space Do You Need For A Single-Car Garage?

The average size for a one-car garage is 12ft x 20ft. This gives two to three feet of clearance all the way around. While a smaller garage can work, it’s best to give yourself some room to walk around rather than feel cramped.

You can go smaller than this, but it is best not to as that won’t give you any room for mistakes. You want to be able to drive into the garage comfortably without the fear of scratching your vehicle on the walls. 

  • How Much Space Do You Need For A Two-Car Garage?

The standard two-car garage is 18×20. This doesn’t give you as much room to walk around as a one-car garage does. But it is plenty big enough for two standard cars, though large trucks will struggle with enough room. 

However, it only takes a couple of feet to make a larger truck fit well. So you can always add on for a reasonable price. Adding four feet is usually a good option as this is the average size of many building materials. 

  • How Much Space Do You Need For A Multi-Car Garage?

The most common three-car garage size is 28×20. Then for a four-car garage, the standard size is 36x22ft. Around 20ft is a common width for a house and this is what most garages will be as well to match the house. 

Since the most popular vehicle in the United States is the Ford F-150, some garages are longer to accommodate the vehicles which can reach 20ft in length. But for smaller vehicles, 20ft is a perfect fit. 

garage with living quarters upstairs
2 Car Garage With Upstairs Apartment

Faqs Regarding Two Car Garages

  • Is A 24×24 Garage Big Enough For 2 Cars?

This space, 24×24 feet is definitely big enough for a two-car garage. It will actually give you extra room. It can sometimes be big enough for a three-car garage if the cars are small cars and not pickup trucks. 

  • Can 2 Cars Fit In A 16-Foot Garage?

In short, yes, two cars can fit in a 16-foot garage. It is better if each car has more than 8 feet of space for a comfortable fit width-wise. But you can get by with this width if it is your only option. Though more is preferable. 

  • Do Roller Garage Doors Save Space?

A roller garage door can save a lot of space. It folds into itself, giving you a lot more headroom. Most garage doors will slide up and take up ceiling space, giving you less headroom and making it harder to fit the door in the garage.

  • Should I Get A Two-Car Garage Size Garage?

While a one-car garage size garage is great for some people, most people need a two-car garage size garage. This is for a couple of reasons. Primarily because most families have two vehicles as there are usually two employers. 

However, even if you only have one car, it can be beneficial to have a two-car garage because you can use that extra space for so much. It’s also cheaper by the sqft to buy a two-car garage than it is to buy a one-car.

Now, if there’s one thing that drives people it is money. Money and family. If those are the main focuses of those deciding on the size of the garage that they need then a two-car garage is almost always the best choice. Thank you for reading about the garage about “2 car garage with Upstairs apartment ” hopefully it will be useful for you

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