Attractive View of Two Car Garage with Living Space Above

Attractive view of two car garage with living space above,  even a modest-sized house is expected to have a two-car garage. Not surprisingly for our car culture. It is attractive to add a room above the garage as it saves on the large footprint and second story of today’s garages.

However, designing a two car garage with living space above with an upstairs living space is a way to balance size and dimensions.The challenge is to include adequate space and storage requirements for vehicles, not covering the scale of the home.

The size and storage of vehicles or the workspace may affect whether the attached or subdivided structure best fits the dimensions of the home. If you drive a small or medium-sized saloon and need little storage for equipment such as bins and yard gear, The garage can be attached to the house in the style of a garage with SUVs.

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Two car garage with living space above
Two car garage with living space above. Image.

Meaning Two Car Garages

A two-car garage is just a garage for two cars. As you read more later, A garage with two standard cars is actually twice as big as a garage. This is because door size is important.Two separate door sizes need to be added when clearing around the area about twenty feet.

It is small around 18 ft x 20 ft but can be slightly larger. It’s bigger when you put it in a room to relax. Often A two-car garage is used as a one-car garage with a workshop or gym. Therefore, the recreation area is 180 square feet.

1. Standard height for a two-car garage

The standard garage is eight feet. But the minimum height is about seven feet. Not only will you have to struggle to get enough height in a shorter garage, but you will also have to struggle to fit in the door.

2. Good height for garage door

Now the size of the garage door has automatically dropped. Most garage doors are seven feet high. But there are a few shorter ones. Depends on the size of your garage and how many cabins you need.

3. Standard for warehouse size

Over 60% of all housing units have a garage or garage. It is easy to see why knowing the average garage door size is so important. In addition, Residential homes have a garage 80% of the time.The garage door is more important than the size of the garage because your car needs to keep the door comfortable. The rigid design only solves the problems and scratches on your vehicle.

4. How much space is needed for a garage with multiple cars?

The most commonly used garage size is 28 × 20. The standard size for a four-car garage is 36 x 22 feet. Around 20 feet is usually the width of a house, and most of the garages will fit into the house. The most popular car in the United States is the Ford F-150, so some garages have longer storage space for 20 feet. For small cars, 20 feet is the perfect place.

Garage plans with living space above
Two car garage with living space above

Types of two car garage with living space above

  • Divided

A private garage is like a large tent or a garage outside. Used for car park away from home. You two have to go outside to hear. This is great for families with different sleeping times.Quietly leave the house and use the garage. Ideal for multi-family condominiums or other types of living space. Duplexes work together.

  • Attach

The attached garage is the most common type of garage. It is attached to one wall of the house and usually has doors leading directly from the house to the garage. It makes it easy and comfortable in harsh weather.If you do not know what type of garage you can get, you may want to have an attached garage. It is the most convenient and gives you extra space for a home-connected workshop or hobby.

  • Downstairs

Downstairs garages or basements are not uncommon. It includes a garage on the ground floor of the house, along with the neighborhoods above the garage. It is more common in flood prone areas.It is also common in private garages used as guest houses. Upstairs is added to conventional Air BnB buildings with no home or permanent occupants.

  • Portable

Travel garages are rare in residential areas. But it can happen at festivals and circuses. They are set up in an hour or less and usually look like a tent. These items can be purchased as a complete set and installed by two people.

Some can buy a simple camping tent for the price you want, but others are quite expensive because of the heavier materials used. Prices vary for both tents and easy-to-carry garages.

  • Carport

A carport is a garage without all four walls from any side. A three-walled carport is a carport rather than a garage. If you only want the top cover, Carport is a good choice, especially if you live in a mild climate. Carports are generally ventilated and can be used as a cover for outdoor cooking. Cooking should continue outside the bus stop to allow smoke to escape. Never eat BBQ under a bus stop or garage.

Best Garage Amenities To Make Life Better

  • Garage Door Opener

There’s not much that makes your garage life easier than a garage door opener. Garage door openers can open automatically, with a button, a remote, or even an app on your phone. Get one as a gift to your family and your guests. 

Surprisingly enough, you can get a garage door opener for a reasonable price. Nice ones start at around $100 and prices keep rising as does quality until you are well over $1000. Sticking somewhere in the middle gives you the best deal.

  • Garage Heater

Let’s face it, garages rarely have good insulation and the floors are usually frigid concrete. You can make this much better and make the garage a pleasant place by adding a garage heater. There are so many different kinds to choose from too. 

Heaters can be very cheap, however, it’s important to make sure a garage heater can withstand any differences in moisture that the garage holds. If your garage is well-insulated, then you can use a standard heater. Thank you for reading about the garage about two car garage with living space above hopefully it will be useful for you.

Two car garage plan with living space above

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