Children are bound to play. During break time, after school, weekend, kids always find excuse to go out and do activities. However, there are some times when they can’t go out much. Usually bad weather will keep them locked inside the house. Don’t worry, now you have the solution for this problem; garage playroom!



It is good to have energy and excitement, but you also need to plan well. Jumping into action is not recommended unless you have plenty of money and time. Planning for garage playroom should be done is serious manner. Think carefully about the whole things; items, setting, theme, and so on. Since this playroom is for kids, why don’t you discuss with them?

There are some questions guidelines you could use to begin the planning. Write down the answers and you will get the general picture of your soon-to-be playroom.

1. What Will You Need?

This is the perfect question for your kids. Ask them list of items or toys they want to have in their playroom. It could be the already bought toys, more toys, cushions, and so on. You should also consider whether you will need storage baskets. Plenty of toys scattered in the playroom won’t be good for active kids.

Think carefully about the furniture you are going to use. Will it be better to use wood or plastic material? As for the toys, make sure it fits the age. If you have babies, keep leggo pieces away.

2. What Is The Theme?

It will be good and bad to include children in this part. Why? When they mention certain theme, it might work for several months or years only. As they grow older, they might want to try another theme. Will you be ready for playroom makeover?

However, a theme is important part of playroom. Commonly this play space is colorful and suits children’s preference. If you make it too plain, your children might not want to enter the room.

3. How Will You Arrange It?

With a list of items in your hand, you should have storage and position plan. Do you have small garage space? Then try to install attic bars and stairs. You could keep unused toys on the ceiling. Make sure to check the regulation in your area, especially if you bought your house from previous owner. In some places, renovation should be reported before execution.

You also need to arrange the electric plug and insulation as well. Remember that garage is usually dark and damp. You don’t want those qualities for playroom. Make sure to add more windows or doors to your playroom plan.

Checking Tips From Other Plans

You are not the first person to use garage as playroom. Some other people have tried it first, so they know what to do. It is easy to find their experience in the internet. They usually highlight some useful parts to consider in addition to their condition.

1. Decorating Walls

There is one thing that can’t go wrong with playroom ideas; bright colors. It makes the children happy and excited. Plenty of colors and pictures will be suitable for their preferences. It will be too much to paint the whole walls, so pick one side only and make it the accent wall.

If you are not into bright colors, there is another way to give your playroom some cute accent. Go to the store and find wall decals. It is a type of stickers that won’t ruin your paint. You could get various shapes and colors. This sticker also easy to remove.

Do your children love to paint on walls? Then you could make chalkboard wall. Choose one side only and paint it black. Don’t forget to have colorful chalk and eraser. Now your children have their personal huge blackboard.

2. Installing Flooring

Garage is a place to keep your vehicle. No one would think a lot about the floor. Usually people will use concrete as the base. For playroom setting, this could be a disaster. It might hurt the children. Therefore, you will need flooring cover for your garage floor.

If you are planning a makeover, you won’t use the garage anymore. Then, you should pick the floor with anti-stain feature like foam flooring. It will help a lot while cleaning the mess. For those who want temporary garage playroom, then pick the thickest carpet pad in the store. Install them to cover all floor surface nicely.

3. Ensuring Safety and Comfort

In many cases, garage is connected to certain part of the house. Usually, the closest room is kitchen. You might need to climb stairs to access this room. If this description fits your house, then don’t forget to install children gate. It will prevent them to climb the stairs when you are not around.

Do you keep any electronic machines in the garage? If yes, then you will need a portable half wall as well. It helps to hide the interesting tool from children sight. Don’t miss the insulation layer, to keep the children warm during chilling winter.

Several garages don’t have great air circulation. You could install window, but it might be a problem later. Some people suggest to use air duct. This tool will control air circulation and temperature in the room. Installing fan ceiling is also encouraged to cool down the heat.

When children play around, they might get exhausted at some point. It is not new to see kids sleeping soundly in the playroom. Instead of letting them spread on the floor, you could create a nap corner and add several pillows on it.

4. Displaying Toys

Probably the most challenging thing in a playroom is tidying up. It takes no time for kids to scatter the toys. Having storage basket is great, but children could be impatient and flip the entire basket. It is better to have toy cubbies, so they could see their favorite toy in display. Don’t take away the basket, though. They are still useful to store other items.

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