Inspiring House Plan Structure with Attic above Garage

House Plan Structure with Attic above Garage, When, apparently, all the options have been thought out and thought out, another option for the “house” comes to mind – a garage with an attic. After all, the attic serves not only as a non-residential premises for equipment and spare parts. 

There you can equip one or two rooms for house plans with loft over garage. This building property will be very useful in this country. After all, you don’t have to build a house and a garage separately. In our age of advanced design and engineering technology, these can easily be combined. As with any large building, a certain area will be required. Due to the peculiar “two-story” structure, such a garage takes up half the area than in a conventional building.

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House Plan Structure with Attic above Garage
House Plan Structure with Attic above Garage

Thinking over a garage With Loft : Important Point

It is best to immediately decide whether your attic will be a place to live. More precisely, the question should be asked as follows: are you sure the attic will be uninhabited? If you are sure, then you can immediately get rid of worries about the insulation of the floor or roof, and then the floor can be simply laid on the logs, without even making a ceiling in the garage.

 From below, the beam will only be visible. It may not be very aesthetically pleasing, but it will save you a lot of money. Although many people even liked this sight. You don’t need to think about roof insulation in advance. It can be isolated later without any additional hassle.

But if you do not insulate the floor, then you will have to remove it, make a ceiling in the garage, fill the space between the ceilings and then with insulation, and then sew the attic floor again. Another very important point in a garage with an attic is the stairs. 

Ideally, it does not take up much space and, of course, you should have free access to it even when there is a car in the garage. Take this into account when choosing the location!, if you do not have enough space in your garage for a full-fledged stationary ladder, then there are ready-made folding ladders. They are compact, easy to install and do not take up space when folded.

House plans with loft over garage
House plans with loft over garage. Image:

Reasons Why You Want a Garage With a Loft

  • Can Be Used As Storage

One of the primary uses of a loft is for storage. Since they’re raised above the ground floor of your garage, you’re essentially doubling the amount of space you have to store your belongings. Larger items such as bicycles and sports nets will be out of the way but still easy to access (check out this article on garage storage).

  • Add an Entirely New Room to Your Garage

Many homeowners are now creating garage living spaces. They allow the homeowner to have an extra living area. There are many ways you can use the new room in your garage but we’ll go over the most common uses.

  1. Bedroom

An empty garage loft provides the opportunity to turn the space into an additional bedroom. You can use the bedroom as a living room, separate older child’s bedroom from the house for added privacy or turn it into the master bedroom of your dreams. Let your imagination run wild when designing your extra bedroom. For example, if the master bedroom is going to replace your empty garage loft, consider romantic lighting and soft, elegant paint colors for your walls.

  1. Office

If you work from home, then a garage office is a no brainer. It’ll help separate your home and work life and will give you peace and quiet during the work day. Plus, you won’t have the distractions of TV or other fun things staring you in the face. It’ll be used for work and only work.

  1. Family Room

Some homes don’t have a family room, meaning families don’t have many places to go and hang out with each other. That’s why some homeowners are turning their garage into a makeshift family room. Believe it or not, your garage family room might be larger than a traditional family room and you’ll be able to fit other items such as a pool table or bar inside. The sky’s the limit!

  • Gives Your Garage a Unique Look

You might be worried about having a suspended room in your garage it’ll detract from it’s physical appeal. In fact, it might be just plain ugly. We’re here to put those fears to rest.Lofts actually look pretty cool! They’ll give your garage a unique aesthetic that you won’t get any other way. It’ll also attract friends and family as a fun place to hang out and is a great conversation starter.

  • Have a Garage Living Space and Park Your Cars in the Garage at the Same Time

If you planned on converting your garage into a living space, you might be wondering where you’re going to park your cars? With your garage being turned into a living room or bed room, your vehicles will be left in the driveway or street. This could become a major pain when snow starts falling and frost forms.

Having a garage loft completely negates that problem. Since the room will be suspended, you’ll be able to easily and safely park your cars underneath. It’s the perfect way to get everything you’ve ever wanted out of your garage.

  • More Privacy

We’ve already mentioned some ways having a garage with a loft will give you more privacy. Since the room is out of the house and away from all commotion, a garage with a loft is the perfect place to get away and do what you’d like.

The privacy also allows you to have multiple families living in the same home. Let’s say the child of the homeowners sold their home and is looking for a new one. They’ll have somewhere to go and call their own while they’re searching.

  • Prevents You From Needing to Upsize

You can turn your office or spare bedroom into the babies room and use your garage loft as a makeshift extra room. It will also give you and your guests more privacy. It’s a win-win situation. Thank you for reading about the garage about ” house plans with loft over garage ” hopefully it will be useful for you.

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